Newly Open Hermes in Zurich_Birkins and Kellys

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  1. I happened to visit the newly open h shop today.
    H shop in Zurich used to be a tiny little one,
    but it moved across the street and
    now it's 2 story (plus mezzanie floor) shop and has a lot of stocks.

    I found out several crocodile bags in display today including -what I remember-
    Raisin matte Croc Birkin with PHW 35cm.
    Choco Croc Birkin with "Diamond" PHW 30cm,
    Red Croc Kelly with "Diamond" GHW(?) 30cm and
    Brown Croc Kelly with PHW 35cm.

    I'd never seen Birkins or Kellys in Diamond hardware,
    so it's amazing to see them sitting at display.

    The shop was very crowded today, so I'm sure some of the stocks were alrealy sold.
    It was nice window shopping since I took a close look at those valuable items.
  2. Thanks for sharing. Which one did you get me? :greengrin: