Newly Obsessed!

  1. Hi! I'm Leslie. I'm new here. I'm 43 and I JUST got my first Coach!!! I thought I'd make my first post here instead of the Introductions section since I'm basically Coach obsessed!! I went from not caring about purses at all, carrying a $15 purse from Target to becoming completely obsessed with Coach with a WEEK! Please tell me I'm not insane!! :nuts:

    I was browsing around eBay and somehow through someones list of what they were also selling, found a leather purse that I thought was a good deal. $30. They said it was an authentic coach and I could care less at the time. Once I got it home and smelled the leather I was in love! My husband figured out it was a fake, but the leather was nice.

    That got me checking out eBay and the coach website for other purses and matching wallets. My husband surprised me on my birthday (April 11th) with a signature wallet. OMG! Gorgeous! I was hooked!!! It was this one:

    But I decided I wanted the larger one with the checkbook, so we went to the Coach store in the mall. After drooling in the store for a while and getting the larger wallet, I saw the matching purse!!! I was in love, but we're not well off and I knew it would be a while until I could get it, maybe Christmas. I was fine with that. I spent the next few days checking out the coach website and eventually finding this place. I spent hours looking over everyones collections!! Amazing!!

    Well a couple of days ago, myhusband surprised me with the matching purse and the key fob!!!!!!!!:yahoo: He said it was the rest of my birthday present. He told me he wanted to get it for me because he hasn't seen me that happy in a really long time and I never ask for anything.


    I am hooked!!!!!!! How did this happen?? I NEVER cared about bags before and I even (sorry to say) looked down on the women that would waste good money on bags, but now I want to be one of them!!

    I'm already planning a trip to the outlet. We figured out (I think my husband is a little obsessed too!) that Calabasas is an hour away, and Carlsbad and Barstow are 1 1/2 hours away!! Also, later this year my husband is planning on a Vegas weekend trip with his brother and best friend and he told me he wouldn't come home without something form the Vegas outlet!!

    I have to start my wish list!!!!! It's SO hard to narrow it down!

    So, anyway, I'm just really happy to be here! This seems like a great place with so many happy friendly ladies!!!
  2. your husband is a sweetie! welcome and enjoy! we hope to see more purchases!!
  3. What a sweet husband you have! Those bags are GORGEOUS too! Please stick around but be warned, we're horrible enablers! >=)
  4. Leslie, welcome to tPF! Congrats to you on your new obsession, I mean purchases. :yahoo:

    They are gorgeous. It is so easy to get hooked and of course, we are no help at all! You have such a wonderful hubby.
    Glad to have you here, I'm in So Ca. too!
  5. I got lucky the second time around! :smile: He works with leather a lot and he really appreciated the craftsmanship of the bags! I just think they're beautiful!!
  6. Thanks!! Have you been to the outlets? Which one do you think is the best??
  7. Welcome! Love your new goodies!
  8. Congrats and welcome!
  9. Thanks you guys!!! I'm so happy to be here because I don't think most of my friends would want to talk about Coach with me! So thanks for the warm welcome!!
  10. My friends and family think I am nuts too, "you paid how much?" But I don't care, I will buy what I like and chat here with my coach the way I am 45 and a late coach bloomer too.
  11. Oh boy, you're hooked now. Love your purses and welcome!
  12. Welcome and congrats on your new stuff!!
  13. Congratulations on your great items!!!

    And wow - nice husband!!!! (My hubby actually hit the gas pedal harder and sped up one time when we were driving by a Coach outlet and I wanted to stop... grrr... )

  14. What a wonderful husband you have!!!!! Welcome to the Coach Crew here at tPF-- Candy is right, some horrible enablers, but we won't let you feel bad about a purchase at least! I'm one of the worst enablers around. But you picked a great brand to be addicted to! Funny how it works, isn't it? Two months ago I could have cared less about Coach and now I'm obsessed enough to go work there! Anyway, welcome, and I'm so jealous-- my DH would never buy me bags. And those items are GORGEOUS! :yahoo:
  15. Wow! You guys are all so nice! What a great bunch of ladies here!! I'm so happy I found this place!!! :yahoo:

    I think it's so funny how my husband is on the Coach site so often! He was checking out the wallets ands the brief cases for himself! Too bad Coach doesn't make a leather toolbox! That's what he really needs for work...NOT a briefcase!!! lol