Newly Obsessed with Botkier Bags

  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find a Botkier sub-forum. I've recently become obsessed with these bags and was wondering if anyone can give me some information about the leather, durability, overall aesthetic, etc. I especially like the Crosby Hobo and the Essex Big Shoulder Bag. Any thoughts or comments?
  2. That is so funny, I have also recently become obsessed with Botkier..I love the Crosby Satchel and the Essex...AND I am enamored with the Bianca large satchel in Concord..which I have found but I want to get on sale!
    I know has 30% off everything with code ANNIV30% and I think they have the debating to buy the Crosby satchel...
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  3. I wanted to get the Essex from Karizma because of the discount, but it is out of stock. I'm so sad:sad:

    I was debating the Crosby satchel too, I like its clean lines. Do you know how does the leather feels? I've never seen one IRL.
  4. that hobo is HOTTT
  5. No, but I have read threads that talk about how wonderful the Botkier leather is...
  6. I've never seen the Crosby or Essex IRL, but I have come across several Biancas and the leather is really nice - very soft and smooth :yes:
  7. I just ordered the Hobo and I'm soooo exicted. I spoke to Shellie at and she said she's gotten a lot of new business today. I told her it's probably because of the discount code that was posted earlier today. She's also heard of tpf and will let us know about future discounts and sales. She also said to check out the Anna Sui boots because they are on sale and the anniv30% code can be used until the end of business Nov. 11th. The boots are not my style, but someone may appreciate them.
  8. Congrats on the hobo! Very cute :yes:
  9. I have a clye bag in cognac and love it! They are nice quality bags.
  10. I just purchased two Botkier bags at $225 each from the Lucky Shops event that took place yesterday in New York City and I am officially in LOVE. The two bags that I purchased were the:

    Trigger Fan Hobo: Trigger Fan Hobo Bag - Botkier™ in Cream (impossible to find)

    Trigger Satchel: Trigger Bag - Botkier™ in Eggshell (Holiday 2006 color)

    I absolutely LOVE my new bags. I'm just worried about keeping them clean :heart:
  11. That's a great price for Botkier bags!

    I think Botkier makes some gorgeous bags, and the leather looks divine, soft and smooshy. Yum!
  12. I think Botkier definitely deserves more applause than it receives. The leather is fabulous and soft, the quality excellent and the styles are super cute. :yes:
  13. I have a Trigger in black and a Baby Bombay in black and love them both! The leather on my Trigger is in excellent condition and I carried it for 6 months straight after I got it. It's a great bag...a little on the heavy side, though. Been eyeing an Essex bag for awhile now, but haven't given in....yet.
  14. I love Botkier bags!

    Baby Girl both those bags are beautiful! I have a small trigger in cognac, mini holster in midnight (metallic dark blue) and a mini stirrup in red and i love all of them...i get most wear out of the trigger and it's such a perfect bag you can fit masses in it even though it doesn't look that big!!!

  15. Active Endeavors just listed some more Botkier Bags from a couple of days ago. I tell ya, that site has the best pics!
    Active Endeavors | Shopping --- Botkier