Newly IN LOVE with Hermes and need advice!

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  1. I recently received a bracelet and scarf (my first hermes items) as a birthday gift and I absolutely LOVE them!!! I seriously feel like there may be an addiction in my future and hopefully my first birkin :smile: Anyways, I live in Dallas and am planning on visiting the store here for the first time. I must admit that I am a little intimidated and really want to make a good impression so I am seeking ANY advice (do's or dont's) for my first visit. Basically I just don't want to look dumb or clueless! I've heard that what sales associates think of you can really have a big impact on your access to products so I'm wondering if I should make a point to introduce myself (not in a cheesy way of course but just through conversation) or if/how I should go about trying to build a good relationship with them? Also, should I make sure I'm wearing noticeable designers so they know I could potentially purchase something and am not just someone in there to admire only? Since it is Hermes and in Highland Park, I just want to maximize my chances of getting my dream bag! Thanks!;)
  2. One good thing to do is read up in the leather & color sections of the forum, so that you can state what you are looking for to the SA with some detail. Learn the names of different bags then you can say to the SA:" do you have a Evelyne in rouge h in clemence in stock...I would love to see if it looks right on me" & simply dress neat, does not have to be "super designer"
    Good Luck!:flowers:
  3. I would think that if you go "super designer" you might look like you are trying too hard. I agree with learning as much as you can beforehand and making sure you are dressed neatly. If you want to spice it up, you might wear your new bracelet or scarf tied in a chic manner. Good Luck!!
  4. I called the Dallas store back in 2006 when I was looking for an Evelyne. They were soooo nice!! They emailed pics to me and were just a pleasure to deal with. I think it's fine to introduce yourself and let them know how much you appreciate the brand. I think it'll probably take several months or probably more to build a relationship with an SA, etc.

    Honestly, I would just be yourself... There is nothing to be intimidated about... go in and enjoy!!!
  5. Great point!:tup: wear something Hermes, like scarf or bracelet, it shows you are a repeat customer, the SA's like that!
  6. As the other ladies have said just be yourself, be polite and do some research before you go so you at least have an idea of what you would like.
  7. dress for success as they say--stylish and classy with behavior to match gets you pretty far...................:smile:. if you start speaking with a SA that seems friendly and receptive say i have been noticing some beautiful bags out lately and i was interested in seeing what you had. say evelyn, kelly and birkin.look at what she shows you and be very interested but do not buy something unless you love and say so politely--ooo this is so beautiful but its alot I need to be sure. conversely, if you run into someone cool and frosty afte a short exchange ditch them and wander til you encounter someone friendly. otherwise you will get nowhere.
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  8. I say Be Yourself also. My motto is treat people like how you want to be treated. Also don't be afraid to shop around for a SA that you feel comfortable working with. I went through a few myself until I found the ideal person that's willing to work a bit harder for me.

    Welcome to the Orange side...;)
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