Newest wave of color(s) at your boutique

  1. I was just wondering if we have a new wave of color at the boutiques now? I remember earlier this year we noticed two waves of color flowing through all over.

    What have you all seen lately at your boutiques?
  2. i'm heading to our local H store to view a bearn wallet in brighton blue color.........seen it on ebay but have not seen it up, close and personal. the bag should not be far behind, i wish.
  3. Over the weekend at Boston there were two bags in the indigo color...which I didn't think was around a whole lot...there were several colors floating around though -nothing in particular I noticed a lot of...
  4. hum,.. I missed out last Friday at H, I'll reply to this thread after Friday's outting.
  5. Right now in NYC, etoupe. Saw it in chevre, clemence, togo, and Swift.
  6. I wish it's Spring time again, more fuchsia that way

  7. I know Frenchiefan loves etoupe.:heart:
  8. it's such an understated elegant color.
  9. Frenchiefan will be happy to read someone loves etoupe.
  10. Humm,. HG. I remember that the last few times I was at Hermes they DID have alot of etoupe. I saw it on a few different bags.
  11. BH yesterdsay: etoupe, turqouise, black in Bolides, Kelly and Trims
  12. STACKS of fuschia here........
  13. *sniffle* I need to move to Australia, but if I do then my current income won't be able to support my H habit ...
  14. I know...I'm hanging for travel again so I can get my hands on some 'cheap' Hermes.....LOL!
  15. Me too, me too! I'm just trying to firm up my Antwerp trip dates right now. Hermes Europe here I come!!! :love:

    Ooops. Hang on. H-anon. :yucky:

    On the other hand, at European prices, bl**dy s*d H-Anon! :roflmfao: