Newest Unnecessary Indulgence!

  1. You guys get me into so much trouble! Someone posted a pic of a woman carrying a yellow handbag a week or so ago and I melted! Absolutely had to get a yellow bag!!! I just bought four designer bags in the past month and swore NO MORE for a while, but I saw this on Bloomie's clearance page. When they put up the 50% off clearance price special, that sealed it. It only cost $63!!! Here she is. What do you guys think? I should have it IRL by next Friday and will post a pic of it.

  2. I ADORE yellow bags and this one is very nice!
  3. Good deal. Pretty bag.
  4. Very cute ...perfect color for those rainy dreary days! Congrats! I'm a sucker for sales as well ... if it's on sale, I just got to have it! LOL
  5. That's a very nice yellow bag. Good way to change for something new. Congrats on your purchase. It's very cute!
  6. Great!!
  7. Very cute! I saw that at Bloomies and almost bought one too, it's a great deal!
  8. Excellent buy!
  9. Cute bag...and you got away pretty good. This board usually gets me in trouble in the tune of 400+ dollars so you got away good...this time.
    Doesn't it give you the biggest thrill to find a bag you really want and to see it is half price?
    I ordered a Kooba from Revolve clothing and found out "after" I ordered that new buyers got 30% off. You would have thought I'd won the lottery.
  10. I like it - great colour:flowers:
  11. Thanks Guys!:smile: It really is pretty.

    The thing about yellow is in many ways, it's a fairly neutral color, so I won't have to deal with things like avoiding the "looking like the Christmas tree" issue that I do when I want to carry my red or green bags! :shame:

    They still have some on the website under the sales page. Do you remember the original price by any chance? I'm thinking it was around $250, so getting it for $63 was a real slam dunk deal!!:wlae:
  12. Thats cute!
  13. Well, here she is, though they should modify its description of "mustard" to include Gulden's mustard. It's not NEARLY as French's mustard yellow as the web shot! That could be a blessing though: less color clashes to contend with!

    Nice bag, but not a Prada needless to say! I'm glad I got it for $63. I'm quite certain I'd return it had I gotten it at the original price of $250+/- or even the sales price of $127. The bag is nicely made and the leather is soft, but it doesn't have that "stick your face into it and inhale" leather smell I love! It's a keeper though!

  14. Such a beautiful color!!! Congrats on such a great deal!!