Newest TjMaxx find!!!!

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  1. YAY!!! I love my TJMaxx this is my newest this from the drilldown the bag I bought today has the gold/bronze leather instead of the white. I LOVE IT!!! They also had some pretty all leather light pink bags, and one all leather black. I may go back tomorrow for a pink one. Anyone know the name of this bag?

  2. Wow!!! what a great find! That bag is an Ali legacy bag from the 2006 season. I love the khaki gold combo too! Congrats!
  3. This is an Ali, nice find!
  4. THANK YOU!!!! I just love:love: it!!!! I also bought a pair of really cute Bordeux ballerina flats, my hubbie is gonna kill me!
  5. Congrats!! That is the bag I bid on and lost the other day.
  6. Did you purchase it at full price or on sale?
  7. wow you must be ecstactic!!!! I love it
  8. $299.00 at TJMaxx :yahoo:
  9. Great find! You can fit a good amount of stuff in there too. (I have the Ali in black/black sig). Enjoy your new baby! :0)
  10. Ahh why cant I find deals like... ahh...:cursing::cursing::hysteric::hysteric: ahh.. (composing herself) Very happy for you...:crybaby:
  11. Nice!! you got it at a great price.
  12. Yum! I'm not much of a sig bag, but I really like that bag!
    I got this bag at TJ for $225. Not carrying it yet, but it's a great bag. Bigger than the '07 shoulder bag.

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  13. Congrats! Nordstrom Rack also had these bags, both the Ali and hippie style..I believe they were cheaper than Maxx, but I don't quite recall by how much!
  14. I love TJ maxx, but they never seem to have the same bags at all their locations... it can be frustrating. Anyway, you got a great deal, and well done! May the bag serve you well!
  15. I've now started stopping by my TJMaxx everyday after work, I have to pass it to get home. It seems like everyday there's something new. They never have wallets...I wonder why? I always see shoes, bags and occasionally a wristlet and sunglasses.