Newest Tiffany collection! Lock Bracelet!

Finally got the lock bracelet in mixed metal half pave. It was bet this and the Cartier but I felt that the Lock is still pretty unique.

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Beautiful! ❤️

I also tried on the Love before I got my Lock. The Lock’s shape just fit me so much better and it actually made me a little sad when the Cartier rep opened up the Love for me to try on and it was in two pieces, like a broken heart lol. Also, I didn’t want to have to deal with a screwdriver to take it off/put it on or worry about loose screws which a few of my friends have experienced. Maybe one day Cartier will make a version of the Love with a different type of closing mechanism. 😊
@Bagsbags18, four bracelets and a watch together might be a bit too much. Have you considered choosing one of your bracelets to wear with your beautiful watch and the rest on your other arm? Also, you might want to try sizing down for the Tiffany Lock it you can wear it closer to your wrist.
👍🏻 I agree with trying on a smaller size Lock to wear closer to your wrist. When the Lock first came out, the store we visited didn’t have an XS so the rep put a size S on me and I didn’t like the way it looked on my arm because I do wear my bracelets close to my wrist and I don’t like them moving up and down my forearm so of course we didn’t get it at the time.
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