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Newest Tiffany collection! Lock Bracelet!


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Nov 8, 2023
The lock in size small looks great with your 17 love! The thicker side of the lock doesn’t look that big at all. Do you remember if the small was comfortable for you and could easily move up and down? Your pictures are helpful. I’m leaning towards the XS now.
I wear size 16 in Love. I got the Tiffany Lock in size small. It’s a tiny bit larger than the love 16, but I prefer it that way. The bracelet is so comfortable and I absolutely love it!!
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Nov 5, 2010
Anyone purchase the new Rosé collection with pink sapphires? I thought it looks nice!

My best friend and I dropped by our local boutique last weekend to take a look at the new Lock collection that recently launched and we ended up buying matching pendants from the Rosé micro collection! A totally unplanned purchase! We saw the bangle, earrings, small pendant and the medium pendant. The pendants are truly stunning. I personally loved the earrings as well but they were too heavy for my ear lobes. :sad: :shocked: :amazed: My SA said my local store received 14 small and 14 big pendants when the collection was released here at the end of October. Both of us preferred the small pendants which was perfect because there were only 2 left of those! In comparison, there were 6 more of the medium size rose gold-pink sapphires pendants left.

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I really liked the Lock rings but the pink sapphires were calling our names. I will probably drop by again next month to have a closer look at the rings! I think they'll be great for stacking.

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Tada! Our pendants side by side. Gotta love that pink ribbon! Such a nice touch.

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My favourite thing about this necklace is the chain. I like there's a bit of "chunk" to it because it's not the usual dainty chain. Gives it a little edge I think. A nice bonus is how adjustable the length is. You can hook the clasp on to any link! We decided to go for the smaller sized pendant because we thought it might be easier to layer with our other necklaces. Can't wait to wear it out. :love::heart::blush:

Thank you for sharing :heart: Are earrings heavy?

Personally, I found the earrings heavy. They feel really solid and that's great, but sadly, my ear lobes are too thin for them. I could feel the weight when I wore them and if you look closely at the photo below, you can see that the earring is pulling my ear lobe down. I really LOVE the look of the earrings but sadly, they are not for me. If Tiffany ever makes a "hollow" version of these earrings (like the Hardwear earrings), I'll be on them in a second! I think these earrings would work for someone with thicker ear lobes. They're weighty so it's best to try them on in the boutique before buying. Hope this helps!

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Jul 8, 2021
Finally pulled the trigger! I was honestly going more towards the T1 collection but once my SA let me try the lock I fell in love. I was torn between the all yellow gold or the half white gold and half yellow gold. Ended up getting the white and yellow gold. As much as I wanted the half pave it just didn’t suit my daily wear given I work in healthcare.

I’ll post more photos once I get mine since my SA kindly ordered a brand new one for me!

If anyone has a small love in rose gold and a yellow gold lock please share a picture I’m debating on a rose gold Cartier love ❤️


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Jul 8, 2021
Wondering if I could get some thoughts on this pairing? I’ve had the small Love for some years. I saw the Lock and “had” to have it. But now that I bought it, I’m not fully convinced that it works well with the Love (or is worth the $14K price tag :facepalm:).

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Hello! Are both of these rose gold? I was thinking of doing the same stack. I just got a small rose gold love and ordered the half white gold and half yellow gold but now debating if I should change to half rose gold and half white gold (no diamonds)


Jul 8, 2021
I’m contemplating the rose gold held pavé Diamond bracelet and the one without diamonds. For everyday casual wear to work and running errands, do you think the diamond one would be too much bling? I want to wear it daily to bring down the cost per wear and also add a little something special to each day.

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Did you ever deciding which one to get? I’m in the same boat as you. I went ahead with ordering the yellow with white gold but now I might switch to a rose gold instead. Diamonds are always extra but being in healthcare I feel like the diamonds are too much


Aug 26, 2008
Did you ever deciding which one to get? I’m in the same boat as you. I went ahead with ordering the yellow with white gold but now I might switch to a rose gold instead. Diamonds are always extra but being in healthcare I feel like the diamonds are too much
I got the half pavé rose gold. I love rose gold much more as it suits my skin tone better. I am so glad that I went with the diamonds. It’s gorgeous but it doesn’t bring too much unwanted attention. I simply enjoy admiring the sparkles whenever I look down at my wrist.


Apr 20, 2020
My early Christmas present finally came! Couldn’t be any happier on my current stack! The tennis bracelet held too much sentimental value for me to replace it with half pave lock. Now thinking what should I add next 😅 VCA Sweet Alhambra 6 motifs? Or micro link hardware? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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I wouldn't add a thing.