Newest Play Toys

  1. Just added to my collection! The turquoise is a Rafe Molly I got at 50% off at Nordies and the multi-tan is Michael Kors Brookville satchel that I got at 70% off at Nordies. I feel like I stole them. :yahoo:

    Whatcha think?
    2006_0823Image0014.JPG 2006_0823Image0010.JPG
  2. :yes: you smart shopper you:P.
  3. I like the MK a lot, very western! I like western, I posted a thread about western style in the Wardrobe ;)

    Do you play an instrument?
  4. Yep: violin. I always hesitate to call myself a "violinist" though. Somehow it implies more talent than I want to think I have. I've been at it for 12 years now, play in a local community orchestra and such. Love it! :nuts:

    I saw the Western thread (and the catalog). I love Western flavor in my clothes, so the bag fits right in. ;)
  5. wow!!! GREAT PRICE :yahoo:
  6. LOL! KNow what you mean. I've played the piano for 25 years but I would never say I'm, a pianist! LOL!

    Cool talent, even if it's learned!