Newest Obsession

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I have a dilemma. I can not stop obsessing over the Denim XL. I haven't seen it in person yet - but I am a HUGE fan of the denim line. I am thinking of trying to take a trip out this weekend to check her out IRL. Has anyone encountered any issues with color transfer? I was leaning towards the black because of the lack of Vachetta and I need a good rain/winter bag that fits over my shoulder. Should I consider a different bag?

  2. I have the black denim neo cabby and have never had issues with color transfer. It's a great having no vachetta to worry about!
  3. i haven't seen one irl but i'm liking it in teh black
  4. I saw it in the store 2 days ago...really cute!
  5. That's exactly what I want to hear! Thank you!

    I have seen the black denim IRL on the cabby and thought it looked appealing but the shape of the cabby threw me off.

    Good to know! I really want to check one out and try on for size.
  6. I'm not really a fan of denim anything :sad:
  7. mini pleaty, neo cabby gm, neo speedy

    i like denim muchhh! :heart:
  8. OMG I love the Black Denim XL! I saw it in the store, but it was out of my price range =(

    You have to get it!
  9. Stop obsessing and buy it. It is a beautiful bag! I love it too!
  10. I tried the black & blue on and I prefer the black ... it is a good size too:tup:
  11. I have the blue XL and haven\'t had any color transfer issues, the only issue I have is wanting a black one now too!
  12. I have a Fuschia Denim Neo Speedy and I adore it. It's so soft! :tup:

    Me too! :yes:

    I know it's pricey. :sad: But, I love it.

    I need a money tree STAT!

    I am definitely leaning towards the black. I love the fact that there is no vachetta. And I think the wearing the blue would bother me if it didn't match my jeans.

  13. That's good to hear!
  14. I have seen it a few times... Tried it and and I LOVE it... I just wish I had the money for it right now.