newest members of the LV family

  1. speedy 30 and keepall 50!

    and i got so carried away i decided to photograph my whole LV family! heeeeeee :lol:
  2. Beautiful collection! Congrats!
  3. thanks! oh and i forgot to mention something sorta funny, i asked my very cool SA to get a keepall thats been on display, so it came all nice and golden and evenly tanned as the display it was in was spinning!!! LOL!!!!
  4. Great new additions and awesome collection pic!!!:nuts: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  5. Beautiful family pic! Great additions to your collection!

    I love your CB papillon and your MC lodge!!! :love:
  6. Very nice, thanks for sharing:smile:
  7. Great collection! Love your CB papillon!
  8. :yes: Love the CB:heart:
    That's quite a nice 50 you have there.
  9. hee hee. i wonder if people do that often? about requesting for the display.

    congrats on your purchase! you have such a nice collection.
  10. Awesome picture ! Do you have a thread in the showcase forum already ? I can move this if you don't have another. :yes:
  11. They are both so beautiful :love:
  12. Wonderful bags..congrats
  13. Great collection!
  14. Fabulous family portrait.....I especially love how your Cherry Blossom is sooooo photogentic!
  15. Every piece is fabulous!!:love: