Newest member of the Pomme d'Amour Club

  1. :angel:.... I waitlisted!


    :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Good for you Cristina!:yes:
  3. Gorgeous!!!! Love it!!! And, can't wait for my MC either!!! or my pomme d'amour either.... apple of luv....

  4. ^^Is this the handsome Louis!?!?!

    I :heart: him! Give him a kiss from his Auntie Mich!!:yahoo:
  5. Veronica - is that your pig - he's so cute!

    I also cannot wait for my heart purse - to go with my bedford & french purse!
  6. Thanks, ladies ;) We'll see how it looks when it arrives :love:

    Veronika - You got both the pomme and MC? LOL! :nuts: They'll look so cute together.
  7. Congrats, I think I'm actually going to do the same - we can be twinsies ! :graucho:
  8. congrats!! that's such a cute coin purse!!
  9. Congratualtions!!! It's lovely!
  10. waitlisted heart vernis..
    the envelope vernis nice also cute and more useful

  11. Oooh delicious!! Congrats!!
  12. nope. got MC heart and pomme agenda pm... waiting on both!!! I DO wanna check out the envelope peeps are talking bout, haven't seen it yet... COOL!
  13. Do we must be on the waitlist to buy this coin purse?
  14. I can't get this since it's too impractical for me, but OMG I CAN DROOL! Congrats Cristina, it's sooooo adorable!
  15. Congrats! Hope you get it!

    I know, I thought this too, tough decision, I might get the perle plate in addition to the red heart.