Newest member of the family

  1. and just in time for spring/ summer. I got this on yesterday after stalking elux for months. The fedex guy came at 3:30 and was nice enough (after I left a note) to come back about 6:30 to deliver it to me. The is my first speedy in size 25 and I love it in this pattern. Here she is............ Early birthday present to myself.
    speedy folded.JPG speedy.JPG azur & big sis.JPG
  2. Congrats-brother and cousin.
  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!! And happy birthday!
  4. Gorgeous bag and Happy Birthday! :yahoo:
  5. Congrats- lovely Damier speedy!
  6. Congrats and enjoy!
  7. congrats, how exciting. love your new speedy.
  8. Happy birthday and enjoy your gorgeous speedy.
  9. soo pretty! congrats!!
  10. happy birthday and yay to another addition to the damier family.
  11. congrats!! I love it!
  12. *BEAUTIFUL!!!*

    Do you like the size of a 25 now that you have one? I mean, obviously it's LV, but I'm just curious because I have the Azur 30 and am wondering if it's too big?
  13. GORGEOUS!! CONGRATS and enjoy your new "baby".
  14. Aww, congrats! Isn't it great to get the bag you really want, after searching for it for so long?
  15. :balloon: :balloon: Happy early birthday! What a treat for yourself. Enjoy her...:woohoo: