Newest member of the Apple Green Club!!

  1. Yay! I just won the apple green mini twiggy that has been on ebay for awhile :biggrin: I was able to verify that it is indeed an authentic bag! It may take a couple of weeks to get here since it is coming from Germany, but I will definitely post pics when it arrives.

    Oh, and I was able to get an apple green boobie purse from bluefly to hang on the baby twiggy. I wonder how that is going to look :wondering Hopefully the boobie won't overwhelm the bag!!
  2. Congrats! You will love it! I was at a party last night & even the guys said they liked my apple best out of all my bags! It's such a great color!! Post pix when she arrives!!
  3. Congrats! I saw that bag on eBay the other day, it's so cute! :nuts:
  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy congrats!!!!!!!:love: :nuts:
  5. you're going to love it - and I think the apple green boobie will compliment the mini twiggy so well!
  6. Thanks yhassan, cristina, N and mims!! I'm excited.....
  7. Congratulations on the apple green :smile:
    I have an applegreen city myself and i LOVE IT. I think the applegreen and the magenta are two of the best colors balenciaga made :smile:
    IMO of course!!
  8. congrats! must see pics!!!!
  9. Congrats! Post pics when it arrives!
  10. Thanks tresor, may and kat! Yes, I will definitely post pics!!
  11. Yay, smallfry!! It's an adorable bag, hope the wait isn't too excruciating... ;)
  12. Oh lucky you, congrats!!!

    This is totally OT but this reminds me of something. I went out with some friends to bowl last night, and as I stare blankly at the rows of colorful bowling balls, I can't help but kept referring to them in terms of balenciaga colors in my head!! It would be like "ummm that guy always plays with the apple green..." and "that girl always uses her bubblegum pink..." I must be losing my mind!
  13. Yay! Congrats!
  14. Congrats! I sold mine apple green city not too long ago....experiencing seller remorse right now....the color is so pretty that you gonna love it.
  15. Welcome the the apple club!!