Newest member of my family: Presenting Ms. Gimme More Louboutins


Building a rainbow
She arrived this Saturday morning and she's adjusting nicely. She's a choco blue chihuahua, with white socks, chest, muzzle and a blaze that runs up her head and stops at her collar. She's got pretty green eyes and a cute little nose.

Her AKC registration name is Gimme More Louboutins, and we call her Loubie for short.

^--- sleepy in my BF's arm

She's so spoiled already! All she wants to do is cuddle! She whimpers and whines if my BF and I are so much as out of her line of sight! LOL

We've started with her litter training and so far, things are progressing. It's only her second full day today but she's perfectly consistent with her #2 and we're still working on her #1, which isn't quite as consistent.

^--- *YAWN*

I bought 3 XS sweaters in prep for her arrival, but she's swimming in all of them. She weighs in at just about 2 pounds at 13 weeks so she's charting 4 - 4.5 pounds fully grown, which her breeder says is about what she expects as well. She's got 4 champions in her immediate line. 2 of her litter mates are show prospects (both long haired) and the breeder wanted to keep her to show but her tail is coming in a tad lower than she'd like and her mama's thrown this color before so she agreed to let me acquire her on limited registration. I think she's the cutest thing alive, low tail or no.

^--- hopping out of her namesake.

She's still adjusting to her new home, sniffing everything. She already has a favorite cuddle toy which she plants and thens pounces on like it's her prey. Her tail is constantly going -- I'm convinced we won't need mid east oil if I can just harness the energy from her wagging tail. LOL


Dec 18, 2006
Oh my gosh what an adorable dog!!! Post pictures as she grows. I bet she is so much fun to have in your life.


Mar 27, 2007
fatefullotus, didn't realise you were a chi person! And I love the name. The yawning pic is gorgeous. Congrats on the new addition!


sofa king awesome
Feb 15, 2008
oh my goodness that is the cutest. Her face just seems so curious!

I'm intruiged by the litter training, how do you do this with a dog (we've only had monster dogs so it's not an option for us)


Sep 9, 2006
she's beautiful! actually, she's the exact same color as one of my favorite mj wallets. :lol: i'm loving the name too. so adorable. :heart: