Newest LV purchases! <3

  1. I went down to the LV store with the intention of buying a white multicolor agenda... but when I saw this framboise vernis on display and heard it was the last one left.. I had to buy it! :love: To help fill my craving, I bought a beautiful french purse! :yahoo: The next agenda on my list is either a groom or a mono/damier koala... Now all I need is the perfect pen! Does anyone know of one that is slim enough to fit into a small ring agenda??

    Ok here are the pics!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. They are drop dead gorgeous!! Congrats...:love: :love:
  3. Those are gorgeous-WOW....congrats! Hmmm, I don't know about the pen size....good luck and enjoy your new agendas!
  4. omg, i love the mc french purse. i want one ^_^

    and the agenda is TDF
  5. ooooh! Congrats on your awesome new goodies!:yahoo: As for the pen, Lola posted that she got hers from Tiffany and Co for under $100, I think. I think she said they came in Pink, Robin's Egg Blue, Orange, and I don't remember what else. It fit perfectly in her small ring Framboise Agenda.
  6. MMMM... I freakin' love it!!! CONGRATS!!!
  7. congrats, great purchases!
  8. wow! another beautiful agenda!! and a beautiful wallet!! CONGRATS!!
  9. Thanks so much everyone! LV makes the BEST accessories!! I'm so inlove~ :love:

    Pupsterpurse I'm going to search for that thread! Thank you!!! :flowers:
  10. They're so gorgeous!
    Congrats Audrey!
  11. Fabulous....I love the color......thanks for sharing...
  12. They both look gorgeous!! Congratulations!!
  13. Congrats ! :yes:

    They're both lovely !
  14. Thanks for posting pictures so we could see your new LV items!!
  15. They're beauties! And they complement each other really well.
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