Newest lil' purchase....

  1. So, I was browsing through my favorite H websites today (H, H Paris, LZ, CDL etc) and I hit the BUY button! Get the popcorn out girls.......:devil:
  2. Biting my nails here Rose......
  3. i don't want any stinkin' popcorn -- i want PICTURES! :cursing:
  4. Just a lil' something.....
  5. :popcorn:

  6. I can NOT eat any more popcorn waiting for pics from people!!!!!

    'Cmon ROSE!!!!! Break out that camera and start snapping away!!!!! I'm ageing by the minute!!!!
  7. how little? dimensions?
  8. hmnmmm....wonder what is it?!!!!!
  9. You bought the Chocolate Birkin from Pete!!!!!

    ....did you????? Huh?????
  10. Hmmmm, maybe I could copy the pics from the website.....maybe not....
  11. Chocolate Birkin, a little something! I wish!
  12. Okay,... I can't wait! I hate popcorn!!! I love pictures!!!!!
  13. this is RICH coming from the woman who kept us waiting while she made mac-n-cheese last night. sheesh!
  14. ^^^^ lol,... :roflmfao: lol,.... OMG! So true!
  15. It was so worth the wait.....gotta love that mac n cheese.......