Newest edition to my GUCCI family...

  1. Hey there, just wanted to share the newest edition to my GUCCI collection. So far in the past month I have purchased (2) two purses and a wallet. Somebody stop me! HA! HA! The SA at the GUCCI store seem to know me. Today I picked up the Gucci (click on the GUCCI) - in black. While my other favorite purchase was the Gucci (click on the GUCCI). I have to tell you, I was reading where some people felt intiminated going into places like Barneys, GUCCI, Neimans, etc.... well, I have a funny story - I was at Neiman's last week looking at the black purse I bought today. The SA said to me, I like the Gucci (click on the GUCCI) - is it new? OKAY, she told me she was the Neiman Marcus GUCCI rep - WHATEVER!!! The purse is even on their website under GUCCI -dah, maybe she doesn't know the GUCCI line like she claimed- I thought it was hillarious....Like she thought nice bag, is it real? Dah!!! Whatever, just thought I'd share that story with y'all. Happy shopping!!!
  2. Congrats! When I click on the link I get a lot of bags, which one did you buy!?
  3. Yea, for some reason the GUCCI website takes you on a tour of all the purses but when it stops it shows the actual bag. Anyway the one I had with me when the NM SA asked me if it was new is the Princy Med Boston bag in Beige. The one I bought today is the Abbey Medium shoulder bag with 2 straps in black. It's addicating my GUCCI desire really just started this past month. I purchased my 1st GUCCI over 15 years ago, while away at boarding school - and I still have it, although I don't use it anymore it's a small black leather purse - it was perfect for mew then but now, it's just vintage! HEE! HEE!
  4. ;) Congrats on the beautiful bags! Good for you! Enjoy!:heart: Emmy
  5. Congrats on your new goodies. Gucci, always a good thing. :smile:
  6. Someone's on a Gucci shopping spree. Don't you just love it! Congrats Lady!
  7. Congrats
  8. Thanks, and another poster clued us in on what's available at the GUCCI Woodbury outlet in NY and I called and ordered a black checkbook wallet to go with my black Abbey. It will be interesting to see what is looks like when I get it, as I have NO idea! The suspense is killing me!! HA! HA!
  9. Congrats, do remember to post a pic of ur real own...
  10. Congrats.
  11. Congrats on your two beauties!...I especially love the black leather one.:drool: Some SAs need to get over themselves.:yes:
  12. congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats :smile:
  13. congrats, that's gorgeous
  14. Congrats ... i like it
  15. Congrats.