Newest Dior Bag Collection!

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  1. Hello,

    Here are a couple of pics featured within magazine's of the newest Dior Bag Collection!

    I think it's very classy. Any thoughts?

    Enjoy and best wishes, BeautifulBasics:flowers:
  2. New - Dior Bag
    Seen In: Elle Magazine, May 2008

  3. New - Dior Bag
    Seen In: Harper's Bazaar Magazine, 2008

  4. ^ I saw that ad in Bazaar and remember thinking how gorgeous it was. It makes crocodile look sooo soft. If I was really wealthy I'd buy it.
  5. wow that croc dior is AMAZING
  6. Much better than the gypsy in my opinion.
  7. Wow - they are gorgeous! Thanks for the pics! I adore the second one, although anything labelled "price upon request" is pretty scary LOL

  8. judging by other croc prices from Dior, my guess is 30k :upsidedown:
  9. interesting. i dont really like exotic skins, but i think they were done well.
  10. The croc looks so supple and pliant!