Newest Additions!

  1. Last weekend we took a trip down to San Antonio, TX. Of course, I needed to pay homage to the Coach outlet in San Marcos. I didn't know there was a Coach outlet at Round Rock! I made hubby turn the car around...he thought I didn't see that!! tricky! Here are my newest additions. The white signature duffle, legacy stripe folded wristlet, bee and koi fish keychain I purchased at Round Rock, the white legacy hippie and smiley charm I purhcased at San Marcos. The large Ergo tote, legacy slim tote, coin purse, M charm, watches (and bezels), and chelsea wristlet I purchased at my boutique. I also got a brown signature umbrella at the Round Rock store that didn't make it in the's been raining so much here in Texas, it was out drying itself!
  2. OOOHHH....PRETTY!:drool:

    Nice haul!:tup:
  3. WOW, you got some nice buys there!
  4. Love all the white...very nice...Enjoy.
  5. How much was the coin purse if you don't mind?
  6. :drool: GORGEOUS Stuff!! I love it! Looks like you had a fabulous road trip. I hope things dry out down there soon- but in the mean time you can look good in the rain with your new umbrella! :yes:

  7. Wow! What great buys! I'm going to call the RR outlet & ask if they have any more of the legacy stripe wristlets.
  8. Beautiful bags :drool::tup:
  9. They had it at $74 I believe.
  10. I feel like Im OVER Coached sometimes....hehehe. Umbrella, purse, sunglasses, keychains, shoes, watches, oh my!
  11. Nice haul...congrats!
  12. great buys, congrats.
  13. Great stuff! Congratulations. :smile:
  14. Great haul! :yahoo: I can't believe they had the Koi keyfob at the outlets! :nuts:
  15. Great everything!!