Newest Additions to a growing collection....

  1. A couple of weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles :yahoo: and one of the main reasons on why I had to go to LA (beside the long overdue vacation and shopping!) was to pick up the little LV Monogram Teddy Bear Pin! Got lucky, only two left!! :love: For my hubby, I picked up a Damier Geronimos (his birthday is coming up). :wlae: He has fallen in love with Louis Vuitton ever since I convinced him to buy his first piece (Cuir Taiga Porte-billets 3 volets in 2004). While in LA, I was hoping to find a couple of refills for my LV Mono MM Agenda but they were sold out on both the lined notes and LV Post It Stickies. When I came back to Vancouver, I went to my LV store and asked the SA about these she told me they were no longer carrying these items :crybaby: and I asked if she had anything left, she ended up searching high low and found 7 of the LV stickies left! I bought them all! :yahoo: While I was there, I couldn't help but to look for a Damier Pochette Clefs for my Speedy 30. She didn't the Damier in stock only the LV Monogram but she was going to order it for me and it would arrive in a week or two. But she called me over the weekend (Friday shipment came in with a few pieces) and she held one for me to pick up anytime. Right after work on Monday, I went to pick up my newest addition! I have the best SA ever, she noticed that my agenda was carrying the Daytimer refills (for 2006, I have the LV Refill for 2007, just recently purchased the LV Monogram Agenda MM) and as a thank you gift (I've been in the store 4 times this month!!) she gave me a 2006 LV agenda refills! :nuts: How sweet of her! She also gave me a medium size dustbag because I mentioned that I didn't have one for my Mott Purse!:girlsigh:Just wanted to share my new additions and my story. I really do love how my SA takes notice and truly makes my shopping experience a great one! Feel free to comments and enjoy the photos!
    DSC00198.JPG DSC00200.JPG DSC00197.JPG DSC00202.JPG DSC00206.JPG
  2. wow!! they are great!! i have the damier piece too and im sure your husband loves it too!
  3. Awww... all are great!!! Congrats!!!! ;)
  4. :nuts: Congrats!!!! Lucky DH, I'm sure he'll love it;) Love them all:love: And really happy that you've such a lovely and thoughtful SA:yes:
  5. Congrats on all of the new additions!!
  6. Congrats on your new goodies! That Teddy Bear pin is soooo cute!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations on your newest additions.
  8. :yes: The teddy is so adorable...what a lovely buy....luv the Damier!!!!!
  9. Wow what a nice SA, I really like all your pieces esp. the Geronimos and the Teddy Bear pin
  10. congratulations!!!!
  11. Aww.. I love the damier bear !
  12. Congratulations!
  13. Aaaaw, the bear is too cute :tender:
  14. Congrats!! The bear is soo cute!!
  15. Fun stuff!