Newest Addition!

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  1. Yay! My new Large Signature Khaki/Black Carly came in the mail on Monday! I have been busy this week (with going back to work after emergency galbladder surgery), so I hadn't taken a picture of her.

    But now, without further wait.......


    :yahoo: Woot!

    I am going to consider her a late birthday present, since I was just out of the hospital and recovering from surgery at home on my birthday :wacko:

    Now.... should I buy a new wallet for her.... maybe a keyfob...... would break my ban..... decisions, decisions..... hehe :graucho:
  2. Awwww! Sorry to hear about your surgery, I hope you are healing up quickly and very well!!! Happy belated birthday as well! It was kind of funny when I first read the post I thought you wrote khaki/beet (yeah, I don't know it's late) and I looked at the pic going "that is SO not beet!" haha oops... black, yes I can read :shame:! Congrats on your new purchase and keep getting better!
  3. Thank You TygerKitty :biggrin:
  4. Feel better! And this is very kawaii. :biggrin:
  5. You're very welcome dear :smile:
  6. Thanks Indigowaters!

    I am healing up well. My doctor says as long as the incisions don't go red (inflammed), then I am alright. It's weird having no galbladder though (they had to remove it). Have to watch what I eat!

    Good bye fast food! (Never liked it anyway! :yucky:)
  7. Belated Happy Birthday, Get well soon, Enjoy your pretty carly :smile:
  8. a keyfob & a scarf would go very well..hehehehe...get well soon aite..!:smile:
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your surgery, but I am glad you are okay and wish you a speedy recovery!

    Oh, and I love your new Carly! :yes:
  10. Hope you are feeling better! Congrats!
  11. LOVE your carly! Congrats!! Hope you are feeling better! I think a keyfob would look fabulous on it.. maybe an initial/intials perhaps?
  12. The Khki/Blk is my fav! Congratz!
  13. I am so happy you are doing better after your surgery, one of my friends just had the same surgery done too! I love your new carly and I think a great scarf or charm would look wonderful on her! Happy belated birthday too!
  14. What a great post-surgery prezzie! I love this color combo and the large Carly is SO tasty! Enjoy!
  15. I'm glad you're doing well. We see that surgery alot in my hospital and other that the diet restrictions, most people do very well afterwards. Enjoy the new bag!!