Newest addition to my family!

  1. His name is Harley and he's a boxer puppy, 10 weeks old! Soooooooooo adorable and I'm not allergic! Well, we've had him for 4 days now and I'm not sneezing!

    We named him Harley coz this is the closest thing to a Harley Davidson my husband will every get! :yes:

    Here's Harley with my two boys:

    Harley checking me out:

    And Harley having a conversation with my 4 year old:
  2. awwwww. such a cute pup!

    handsome young fellas you have there!
  3. Such a cute little face.:love:
  4. OMGoodness, he's adorable!!!:yes:
  5. aww, he's so cute!
  6. congratulations on the puppy! We're puppy mommy twins today!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  7. Adorable!

  8. Congrats! He's sooooo cute!!
  9. GTOFan, Congratulations. Harley is Adorable and Darling. I'm glad you were able to find one that you all were not allergic to. Congrats Again!!
  10. omg.... toooo cute!! :love: :love:
  11. Adorable!!!!!! Be prepared for lotsa energy!
  12. AWWWWW!:love: Such a little cutie!:love:
  13. aodrable lil dog...
  14. he is soooo cute!
    I'ld love a boxer but my bf thinks I have to stick with tiny dogs (3 poms)
    But i like your new puppy a lot :smile:
  15. My friend has a boxer too called Harley! They named the female Harley and the male Bam Bam.