Newest addition to my Chloe family! <3

  1. After almost a month of searching, buying, and returning, I finally got the most beautiful whiskey paddy! :tender: She's smooshy, thick, and amazingly pebbled!! I'm so thankful to wonderful lady who brought us together. :love: I feel extremely lucky to have found her! So without further ado, here is the newest addition to my Chloe family!!

    All photos taken in natural light without flash:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The first two are half stuffed and the last three are empty. :heart:
  2. Ooh congrats Audrey..!! It looks absolutely gorgeous and you got one with perfect leather!:love: Whiskey is really beautiful and rich colour and your paddington collection is tdf..!!:flowers:
  3. Ohhh, she's beautiful! You really did get one with amazing leather. How many do you have now?

    Congrats and enjoy!
  4. prettttty :love:
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Ooo, craie and whiskey must look so lovely together!!! Family pics please :smile:
  7. OOOOOOOOH congrats Audrey - welcome to the whiskey lovers club!!
    She's beautiful!:yahoo: :flowers:
  8. Ok, I must ask....what camera do you own? Those photos have the BEST picture quality I have ever seen!!!
  9. I am new to Chloe and checking out all the thread here and I have to say I LOVE this bag!!!:love: This is the most beautiful color and the leather looks devine!!!!!! Congrats!:yahoo:

    Is it possible to find this color in a large size?
  10. Thank you girls!! I LOVE her! :love::heart::love::heart: She's coming out with me all day today!! I'm so excited! :yahoo:

    hmwe: I'm waiting on two more bags before I do a family pic! Actually waiting on three more but one isn't for me so it can't count... :shame: Maybe I should take a picture of her with Ms. Craie just for fun! They do look beautiful together!

    : WOOHOO! I have membership now!!!

    lordguinny: Ok, I have to admit, I love my camera.:tender: It's a professional SLR: Canon EOS-1D Mark II N. 8.2 megapixels with 8 fps. The only downside is it's weight. They make another camera with an astounding 16 megapixels but it's shooting speed is kinda slow (only 4 fps.) So I decided to go with the Mark II N and I couldn't be happier! :love:

    Zacorey – I think the tote would look beautiful in that color! I know they make the Edith in whiskey but I'm not sure about larger paddingtons.
  11. Congratulations Audrey! It is just beautiful!!!! I want to squeeze it!
  12. Audrey - she's gorgeous! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  13. Very nice addition - congrats!!
  14. :nuts: WOWWW! it really does look pebbly! and the color is just so strong & amazing!!! it's such a contrast to craie! i would love to see fam pics too!! congrats girl!!! you def have a beauty in your possession! ;) :graucho: