Newer to ebay - Seller not Responding

  1. I purchased a bag on eBay. The bag arrived but had a rivet inside indicating it was a Nordstrom's refurbished bag. I contacted the seller and requested to return the item since that was not disclosed in the auction.

    The seller replied almost immediately and said they would take a return with no problem as long as it was dated within two days of the email and then they would refund me within 4 days of receiving the bag back.

    I sent the bag back within the two days and sent the seller a message indicating that it had been sent. I also gave them the tracking number.

    I have heard nothing from them since July 28 when they authorized the return. The tracking number indicated that USPS attempted to deliver August 1 and left a notice. As of yesterday they had neither contacted the post office nor retreived the package.

    I sent another message yesterday with the attempted delivery date, the tracking number and requested that they call the post office to arrange delivery or they please pick up the package. I also indicated that if the package was returned to me I would have to insist that they reimburse me for sending it a second time.

    No reply.

    I sent a follow-up message today stating, "I am concerned that I have not heard from you since July 28. I hope everything is okay and I await your reply. Thank you."

    I don't want to jump the gun and get nasty. The seller has LOTS of positive feedback and they were very professional in their email authorizing the return. However, I paid $355 for the bag and $20 for shipping. I cannot afford to simply lose $355 or to pay the extra shipping mulitple times.

    Where would you proceed from here? I don't want to be a newbie who immediately files a complaint, but I cannot get screwed on this amount of money. How long does a person have to file a PayPal stop payment? Where do I go from here?
  2. I think you've given her enough time. Contact PP and file a dispute and see if she responds to the dispute. You will have to provide your tracking info, so make sure you hold on to your receipts.
  3. Yes, usually when they get the Paypal dispute email they respond. I think you have 45 days to file a Paypal claim.
  4. I can't believe no one suggested the most obvious and least aggressive course of action: pull her contact info through eBay and CALL her.
    Then if you can't reach her or get no satisfaction, definitely file a PP claim.

    You have done everything right, but there's no telling what circumstance has occurred in the seller's life. I wouldn't just assume that she's taking off with your money and the bag, at least not quite yet.

    **** One more thing, and it's important: if I am not mistaken, YOU only have 30 days from the auction end to file a PP/eBay claim. Just keep that in the back of your mind.
  5. is it 30 days? i thought 45
  6. It's 45 unless they've changed it since December 2006.
  7. Thank you; I will try that. Sadly, I've not heard anything yet. It strikes me as odd since the seller has a LOT of feedback (almost all positive) and was very prompt and professional when authorizing the return. :confused1:
  8. You may have screwed yourself since you sent the bag back to the seller without reporting it first. Hope that they are descent and give you your money back. You have to be VERY careful on ebay!
  9. You have 45 days to file a complaint with paypal. If you request the sellers contact informaiton that would probably be the best thing to do next. Try giving this person a call. People on ebay are much more willing to do things when you are on the phone and they realize its a real person they are dealing with.
  10. Worse comes worse, you could file a credit card chargeback as long as you provide of proof of delivery.
  11. Don't delay. File with paypal asap ...
  12. I received an email on Friday saying, "Hello. We will let you know when it has arrived. Thank you. Best Regards."

    I really don't want to jump the gun and assume the worst, especially if I have 45 days to file with PayPal. The bag WAS authentic; it just left an important piece of information out of the description.

    The post office still lists it at the Post Office in the seller's location. I cannot figure out why it hasn't been shipped back if the seller didn't pick it up, but I will call USPS today to find out what is going on with them.

    I am hoping that after hearing from the seller on Friday to get this settled this week without having to take corrective action through PayPal or ebay or the CC company...
  13. I had a friend return something and the seller refused to sign for it and pick it up from the PO. I would file a claim.
  14. OK, I might be dense, but I'm finally getting the hint. I will likely have to file a claim. Do you warn the seller you will be filing a claim and ask one last time for resolution, or do you just file without warning?