Newer Stuff Hitting the Outlets Sooner?

  1. Does anyone think Coach is making a mistake by having newer items hit the outlets faster than in the past?
    After my experience today at the boutique, and after joining this forum, I'm really thinking about just shopping at the outlets exclusively.
    In the past, the outlet was a place to get LAST year's stuff, not last season's or last months stuff. Thoughts anyone?
  2. I don't think it's one of their best decisions. I would expect to see this stuff next year, not this year. I would be furious if I had just bought something, even on PCE, last week, to find it's hitting the outlets already. I was going to wait until next week to hit the outlets, now I think I need to go earlier.
  3. i know like the ergo... i feel bad for ppl who bought it full price.. i mean pce is kind of expected and if ppl reall y wanna save they know to wait for it... but seeing a bag for like 30-50% off a couple a months later?

    like the canvas bags! i know they re at the outlets!! ppl selling them on eBay for 200-300-400 even the satchels!! its crazy!!
  4. I think it's great for the oulet shopper (like me), but I understand it totally makes people who don't have access to outlets FURIOUS. I went shopping with my best friend in Orlando recently. She had just bought a leather lace duffle at full price in February. They were at the outlets in MAY! She was livid...but still walked out of the outlet with 4 new bags! :p
  5. It got me thinking about the thread that the jade Carlys are hitting the outlets. And how peeved I'd be at buying one for full price and then going to the outlet and seeing them a whopping 3 months later. And so now, I'm thinking maybe I should just wait and see what else is going to hit the outlets, especially at the end of the summer. Why pay full price for anything if Coach is going to ship stuff to the outlets this fast? Anyone else agree?
  6. okay, the ergo and cotton carly...that's a bit much. are you kidding me?! that's brand spanking new. coach made a huge mistake, imho. it cheapens it (the bags AND teh brand).
  7. I definitely think it's a mistake. I totally agree that it cheapens the brand. It's one thing to have styles there from a year or so ago, but to have them sell one day in the boutique, and then the next day in the store? That's a little much.

    I think if i had an outlet near me i wouldn't be upset at all about it though.:drool:
  8. At the Vacaville, Ca outlet today they had both the Chocolate Cotton Large Carly, Chocolate and the Denim Cotton Legacy Shoulder Bags, & Chocolate and the Denim Legacy Cotton Slim Flaps. I was amazed!! I tried on the Chocolate Cotton Large Carly a week ago at the Boutique during PCE - glad I didn't buy it!! I got it today for $223.99. There were NO Ergo's and they looked shocked when I said I heard they were showing up in the outlets.
  9. I tend to hold out for the outlets except when I really want something, like the legacy. Its so hit or miss, I am glad I didn't wait. And the Khaki Carly, I am glad I didn't wait on since my outlet rarely has signature pieces. If stuff is getting there faster I will definitely go to the outlet more than the boutique.
  10. i kinda like that newer stuff are hitting the outlets sooner but yeah it would suck to pay full price for something and find out 2 months later that its at the outlets for 20-40% off of what you paid.

  11. I agree with you Kallison. I am by no means a snob but I want to know that if I pay full price for a bag I won't see it in the outlet a month later. Not only does it cheapen my bag and the brand of Coach, it makes me feel like a chump. :cursing: It's not that I can't afford my purchases but who wants to throw money away?
  12. The thing with the outlet is there is no guarantee that what you want will end up there. So if you really really want something, you might not want to wait.
  13. Thats why I check eBay and the outlets b4 i hit the actual COACH store. It would piss me off too, if I bought a bag at full price and a few weeks later it turned out an outlet. I am going to start saving for a Speedy at least I know THAT wont turn up in an outlet.
  14. if i love a bag, i have no problem paying full price for it. that's not the issue though.

    BUT between pce and stuff hitting the outlets so soon, what on EARTH is anyone's motivation to buy anything full price (other than stuff that is more limited that won't hit the outlet)? i mean, seriously. that's ridiculous.

    i seriously feel bad for those who JUST paid retail for ergos or the cotton carly.

    :tdown: to coach right now.
  15. kallison~
    What was the style that Coach said would NEVER hit the outlets, but did? Do you remember which bag it was?