newer LV with more patina than old?

  1. Hey all,

    Not a huge deal by any means, but I find it interesting that my Cabas Piano is showing more patina than my mono Speedy 25. I bought the Speedy a few months before the Piano, and honestly each has had equal showing and gets equal sheltering in the linen dust covers (from elux).

    I wonder if the flatter CB Piano vachetta is part the a reason vs the more rolled speedy vachetta handles. Again, no biggy b/c I enjoy the patina process...I love how they get more worn down in time!

    anyone else experience this? :shrugs:
  2. Not yet personally but that's because I use my Speedy way more often than my others. I still have not used my ambre or pochettes and only used my vernis a handful of times, kinda pathetic I know. But I also enjoy the patina process.