Newer LV monogram canvas - care question....

  1. I have a newer BH it's now almost 3 mos. question, it's FRIGID cold here - is there something I should do to care for my purse? how about the leather and the monogram canvas? How often should I care for it - put something on it? Every 3 mos? i have no clue -please advise :confused1: , it's so cold here :cursing: and I just want to make sure my purse stays in pristine condition! thanks!! :graucho:

    ps: do you use something different on the leather straps and then something else for the mongram canvas?
  2. Come one here treats their leather or mc? I don't believe it!!
  3. I'm in MN, and it is also very cold here. I don't do anything to treat my bags and they have held up very, very well!!
  4. thanks for your feedback!
  5. A SA told me to put the cheapest lotion you could find on the canvas part of the bag, twice a year, to prevent it from cracking in the future. Hope that helps.
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  6. I don't do anything to mine.
  7. The only thing that I have ever done to mine is Apple Guard on the vachetta. I am in Cleveland, so similar temps here...Brrrrr!
  8. no, nothing. my sa at Saks, the manager actually, said to go buy 'milk' from sears and do that once or twice a year. but never on brand new bags!
  9. Thanks....I saw where someone else posted on another thread about MILK - I thought - real milk, how odd - but I see this is something else sold at Sears for example....thanks, guess I will hold off doing anything for now -and maybe next fall do something!! Thanks!!!
  10. ^ what is this milk thing we're talkin bout :confused1:
  11. yea what is the "milk" thing you're talking about?
  12. bumpy bump...
  13. 'milk' from sears - guess it's a lotion they sell at sears? I don't know...anyone else know, please post - inquiring minds want to know...I will start a new thread about MILK...
  14. i just posted in another thread. sorry i took so long.