Newer LV bags - The Beverly MM - would you...

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  1. save the tax and buy it off of ebay? I mean - it just came out - think its getting faked already? What are the chances? NY taxes hit hard especially with 1,000 bags.
    Thanks for your input! (ps: I plan to buy at the end of the summer most likely when I save up and sell some bags).
  2. I personally wouldn't buy from Ebay.

    But if you feel the person has a good rep, go for it.

    We have high taxes here too.
  3. Well, if you find some on ebay, send it over to the authenticate tread, and the experts will give you a verdict on any beverly you find.
  4. Yup... sadly the Beverly has been faked already... :yucky:

    If you have any authentication questions, we'll be more than happy to help you out in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section! ;)
  5. Yes I agree with SakuraPurinsesu. I personally wouldn't buy it from eBay. I rather know that my Beverly MM is from the LV boutique and I personally bought it.
  6. How about elux?
    They are currently running a free shipping promo and there is no tax since u don't live in CA or TN.
  7. couldn't you just order from elux to avoid paying sales tax? elux only charges sales tax when shipping to TN or CA. unless you mean you want to save a bit more? even if new, sometimes these bags will go for a little under retail price on ebay (unless they are in high demand or something)
  8. faked already? kills me....
  9., everything gets taxed in CA. :cursing::tdown::mad:
  10. Yep, but I still shop and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
  11. I wouldn't buy off Ebay...

    I think buying off Elux would be a better idea.
  12. Not for that would be very rare to find a good deal on ebay for something that new. I would just pay the extra little and buy it on elux.
  13. I'd purchase from eluxury to save the tax.
  14. Ditto :yes:
  15. And don't forget to go through ****** for 3% back when purchasing from elux.

    hmm...why do the stars come up? are we not allowed to say e.b.a.t.e.s. ?