newcomer's first post here - hello everybody & two questions

  1. I am a newly converted B bag lover. Like the leather and the fact there are so many beautiful colors and styles to choose from. Like the casual chic feel. Although I still love the Chanel bags I got but their recent price hikes really put me off (twice in a year:cursing:).

    In addition to express my love for B-bags, I do have two questions:

    1) Has B-bag raised their prices in recent years? It seems like their prices have been fixed for years. If that is the case, with all the inflation going on, no price increase is a huge plus.

    2) Does B-bag boutiques offer refurbish services? B-bags, especially City, seems to be an everyday bag. So with use, some repairs are inevitably needed. Is loving my bag the only choice to refresh our beloved bags?

    Thanks so much, ladies.
  2. r u bibie?
  3. They did have a price increase, I believe between S/S 06 and F/W 06, the price for the Twiggy went from $1055 to $1095. I can't tell you about the City though.

    Balenciaga themselves seem to do repairs like a missing stud, or something of that nature, but not "spa" treatments like cleaning it up, fixing the piping etc. It seems the best thing with Bal is preventive treatment. Things like Apple Garde, and cleaning with some frequency, rather than the bag getting too dirty and then trying to clean it.

    I hope that helps, and welcome to Balenciaga : )

    I wish you well,

  4. No... I am not:shrugs:
  5. Thanks so much for the info. I will be careful with my acquisitions. :tup:
  6. Welcome to Balenciaga!

    If you check the Shopping section, you will find price-related information.

    There is info on restoration and repair in the Care and Maintenance section.

    Have fun!

  7. I used to be hard core Chanel too. Right before the last increase I bought 2 bags (Cerf & Baby Cabas), and I am also disgusted by their frequent and HUGE increases. Balenciaga appeals to me because I love the vibrant rich colors, and I do love the slouchy styles too, plus the prices are much more friendly!:nuts: I'll always love Chanel, but I felt the need to branch out!
  8. Hug, hug... feel the same. With the current price of one Chanel bag I can buy two great Bbags. I really like the slouchy shape of Bbags - most of the Chanel bags are so structured. And the colors....I was dying for a great red slouchy Chanel bag and was never able to find one. I got a tomato DAY instead...I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. My only shouchy Chanel bag is the Baby Cabas, and I always wished it came in more colors than black, white, brown or the metallic bronze. Balenciaga offers the best colors too!

    So you got a Tomato Day? I love that bag, post a pic if you can, I'd love to see it!