Newcomers and "hazing"

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  1. I am absolutely appalled by the behavior in this thread. Hazing, mob mentality, fun at other's expense and catty behavior towards a new member is what makes the Purse Forum? I seriously hope not.

    I understand that regulars feel the responsibility to point out fake characters / trolls, but I ensure you that they show their true colors sooner or later. But if behavior of regulars means to turn away new members that simply want to contribute their story, my understanding is at its end.

    Consider this a friendly reminder to treat your fellow members with respect, please. There is no requirement to post pictures of your purses in order to be considered legitimate on tPF, no newbie owes the regulars any more or less than another regular would.

    If any of you continue with behavior like in the thread I linked, you will be banned for not following the most important of our forum rules.
  2. I follow the golden rule my momma taught me....if I don't have anything nice to say, I don't say anything at all.

    Nice, simple, easy to follow, and never gets ya in trouble!! :smile:
  3. I totally agree. Good you mentionned that Vlad, I was also a bit upset by that thread....
  4. Things did get really out of hand, but I really hope no one was scared off by it. That was definitely out of the ordinary for our group.
  5. where have I been?? missed everything this is a fast moving forum, just wanted to say message received loud and clear thanks Vlad!
  6. :shocked: shocked and sad that things may not have flowed as nicely as possible.
    Glad were back on track :smile:
  7. Traci, your momma is a very wise woman!:yes:
  8. :shocked: What happened?
    I think eveyone is very nice since I've been here
  9. ITA!!!!:yes:
  10. Thanks for the reminder Vlad....I too was very shocked when I read that thread! Traci....your momma's rule is definetly golden! And one that I try to live by too!
  11. Thanks Vlad!
  12. oh my. It got really heated in that post! I didnt realise some people on the forum could be that off to others. Hmm..makes me want to not log in so often now.

    I mean, i've never posted any of my collection on here purely because i didnt feel like i had to prove myself. It got a little out of hand. I'm dissappointed
  13. i've just read the entire thread. yeah, some comments weren't very nice. thanks for that, megs and vlad! :heart:
  14. thanks vlad. ita.
  15. Im so glad this has come up. Last night I read this thread for the first time and it was awful, I actually sent the member a PM saying that she should ignore the nasty comments made in the thread, I recieved a PM back basically saying

    "I had no idea that posting a pic was a requirement. Anyways, I mostly lurk at Balenciaga forum right now"

    I hope GucciDiva does not mind me posting this (this is only part of the PM) but do we really want people to stop coming into the LV forum ????...I think not. Its really awful how you treated this member and I think an apology is in order from the members who were nasty. Im all for getting rid of Trolls but we cannot judge every new member as a Troll.

    Thanks ~Steve~ :smile:
Thread Status:
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