1. Hello ladies this is my first time posting in Purse Forum. I was hoping someone can help me decide which Balenciaga Day bag to buy. I am tossing between the '07 Tomato Red Giant Day bag or the '07 Rouille Rust Day bag. Can any one tell me which Day bag is better?

  2. I don't think either is "better" than the other; it just depends on which color you prefer :yes:. Tomato is a true red whereas Rouille is a very orangey red. Good luck deciding!
  3. Thanks Erica you are right. One is not better than the other. I think I will go with tomato red as I think that color would be better for me than the orangy red!:yes:
  4. Good choice, great even!

    Check out the reference color libraries to see what the color is like. Although many PFers have mentioned that the pictures don't do it justice.
  5. Just to let you ladies and gents know I went for the tomato red giant day bag. Received the bag today and it is absolutely delicious!! The most beautiful red I have ever seen. I definitely made the right choice!! Thank you everyone!!!!!
  6. Nice and fast purchase, congrats and enjoy! :smile:
  7. We all love photos...if you can!! (It's all about living vicariously!!) And, welcome, by the way!! :flowers:
  8. Post photos! Congrats on your new bag!!
  9. Ladies will post photos once I work out how!!!!!