Newcomer would like to know if my bag is cute and if I bought at good price?

  1. Hi I am a new comer. I just bought the Prada Tessuto Nylon Satchel and I am wondering what you guys the Prada experts think of its style. I bought it for 729.00. I am wondeirng if that is a good deal.

    Here is a picture
  2. Now i am getting nervous! I hope I got a good deal. I thought this bag was very good looking and I hope you guys do too.
  3. It's a cute bag. I personally prefer leather. And if you did not pay retail and it is authentic then its a great deal.
  4. ^^I agree. I won't pay that much for nylon but it has classic lines which will never go out of style. Sounds like you didnt get it for retail so yes, great deal then, esp for a Prada.
  5. Very classic bag. I personally wouldn't spend that much on nylon, but it's a timeless bag. Congrats!
  6. I love Prada, but I am not crazy about their nylon bags. I know many people like nylon bags since they are light and easy to maintain. If you like it, then it is a great deal. Enjoy it!