Newcomer: need recommendation for "professional" large bag

  1. Hi all--

    I've been lurking on these forums for a little while now, and now I need some advice from you helpful gals.

    I'm looking for a bag that will hold a laptop (8.5"x13") as well as some folders for materials when I go travelling and need to give presentations.

    Of course the bag must look good, but not be too ostentatious because I don't want my clients to really notice, if you know what I mean. But I also want it to be less like a briefcase and more like a bag that could be carried by itself.

    Finally, I'm willing to consider anything less than $2500.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. How about the coach messenger bag in the solid color leather? It comes in solid black or brown besides the signature jacquard fabric. You can wear it over the shoulder or the strap long enough to go across the body.
  3. That HH looks perfect!
  4. How about this for a professional tote, somewhat understated and can be used on the weekends?

    Mui Mui Leather Framed Tote at Saks for $1295.00
    mui mui nappa tote.jpg
  5. How about an oversize YSL Muse, or one of their other bags such as the Rive Gauche or the Downtown?

    Last summer I used my white YSL large muse nearly every day for work. It easily fit standard-letter size manilla folders and other work materials, but the large would not fit a laptop. The XL/Oversize would seem better suited for your needs. The muse is a quality bag that has held up extraordinarily well to frequent use.

    YSL muse.jpg YSL rive gauche.jpg YSL downtown.jpg
  6. That YSL muse seems like a great choice stinam! I back it up. I would also suggest Hermes Birkin if you can spare the extra splurge.
  7. 200710165140109.jpg
  8. Thanks everyone! If anyone else has suggestions, love to hear them! Liking the suggestions so far.
  9. I like the HH Catalina also. Here is a couple of Grysons. A Mini and an Olivia. The Olivia is 19x12.


  10. Or maybe a Botkier Sasha Duffle/Hobo combo. It's around 700 I think.

  11. The Take Me Anywhere bag looks so nice and squishy!!!

    What about this HH Ibiza?

    I purchased one to carry my laptop. I haven't used it yet (I haven't purchased my lap top yet!). I also bought it through and used a code and saved 20%- I paid about $153 for it. A lot less than your budget, so you can then buy a couple of other bags to switch around :yes:
  12. mulberry bayswater bags are great. i have one which i use for just that purpose. Good luck - sorry no pics but go to
  13. Cute collection!