Newby on pre-sales

  1. Greetings Eevrybody,

    I have recently discovered that some stores have pre sale options. I am not sure I still understand how that works. Could anybody please enlighten me? I have been buying bags and shoes from eBay or paying full price or just hitting the sales to learn that there was nothing available so I am hoping I can learn from your expertise.

    Finally, what are the stores that have pre sales?

    Thanks so so much.

  2. Pre-sale means the SA sells the item to you at the sale price before the sale officially begins. Your credit card is charged at the time of the pre-sale and the SA hold the merchandise until the sale is officially in progress. This means two trips to the to pay for the merchandise and one to pick it up, but it's a wonderful opportunity to save money and take advantage of a larger selection. I don't mind going to the stores twice at all!:yes:

    It's a wonderful courtesy that some stores offer. I know Saks, NM, and Bloomingdale's do it. Others might, but those are the ones I know of.
  3. Nordstrom does it as well, but unlike the other stores the merch is set up in a special room or behind the counter. SA's contact customers by phone and offer to set up appointments to do private pre sale. However, if you walk in the week before the sale and ask to do pre sale they will do it for you.
  4. Good info, thanks!
  5. How does that work? I have never even heard of a place selling something at the sale price before the sale? How do you find out its going on sale?
  6. If you have a SA that helps you he or she will generally call you prior to the sale and let you know.
  7. Thanks so so much!!!!