Newby arrived !!!

  1. My new Pink hanover has arrived, really unsure and didn`t want to open the box , as yesterday I thought that maybe I had made another mistake in ordering this bag !!
    Very slowly opened up and ........... I love it its alot darker pink than I had pictured in my head I had visions of walking around like a sad old git with a neon pink bag all summer !!!

    Really pleased with the bag and the leather looks really tough and more durable than Mabel will post some pictures on sunday when Justin is around to take the P** !!!
  2. Well done you! i am still trying to find my next purchase i want a messanger of some sort, any ideas?

  3. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Well done Tara, although this is not an everyday bag, this is one of my favourites!! It looks great with almost any colour especially my navy work suit.
    I gave mine a quick clean with leather cleaner and was amazed at how much colour came off the first time, it's been fine since though (although I know you're not really supposed to treat them, but I do)
  5. Chaz, it amazes me that we joined Purse Forum the same month and you've clocked up sooo many posts!!
    I'll have to work harder next year....although I am on a bag ban from January 1st!!
  6. If I was going to buy one I would go for the somerset satchel bag , I had the Hobo satchel bag but I didn`t like the strap , very short !!.
    The somerset satchel bag has longer across the body strap and ( I think ) a dark canvas so will not show the dirt so much.
    Really you need to go into Mulberry shop and try them ALL on and see what suits you best :smile:.

    I love it when I do go to Mulberry and have a session trying them all on and then walk away buying nothing , theirs faces are a picture :p.
  7. Its because I'm such a bloody gossip!! I'm flitting about all over gossiping to anyone who'll talk to me!!! Plus I'm home a lot,and as Sophies so young she still has a major sleep in the daytime,when she's snoozing its usually on here or watching tv for me,and I find on here its much more brain engaging!!! And so much more fun chatting with all of you!!xxxxx:tup::heart:
  8. Congrats on the pink Hanover. That's the one I was after! Took a chance on the outlet having it but no dice. Hey ho, that's be my bag quest for 2008. Look forward to seeing pics of your new beauty.
  9. Sj, I know it's still full price on psyche, but it might be worth watching as I'm sure they'll put it into the sale shortly. If I see it reduced I'll pm you

  10. Thanks!

  11. Antony is a really good bag. I have a choco one and am after a black one with my xmas money!! might take a look at the somerset satchel too though!!