Newborn Nurseries

  1. Hi everyone! I have been wondering what the mothers here on tpf did for their babies. :tup:

    Here is my question:

    When you first brought home your newborn from the hospital, did he/she sleep in your room for the first few weeks/months or did she/he sleep in their own room? I'm just wondering in terms of convenience for feeding and changing.

    Did some of you decide to keep your newborn in the same room as you for the first few weeks and then transition them back to their own room later?

    I'm thinking of having our son in the same room for the first few months, and then slowly move him back into his own room. Is this a good idea?
  2. I kept my son in our room for a while. It was easy for the midnight feedings :smile: It was a good idea for me, and I could hear him fussing sometimes before he woke himself up entirely.
  3. Julia doesn't have a nursery, she sleeps in our room in her own bed. Makes things easier for midnight feedings since you can just get the baby, head back to bed, nurse and fall asleep
  4. my kids all had a nursery all set up, but they all slept in my room in an Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper until about 8 weeks or so when they started sleeping through a couple of feedings.
    I'd let them play in tehir crib under their mobile while I made a bath for them or just to take a break so they'd be familiar w/ their room and crib though. Also, I'd have them nap in there as well.
  5. My kids slept in their own bed in my room until they were able to sleep through the entire night. Then they slept in their own rooms.
  6. I am in the process of setting up a nursery in the bedroom directly next to ours. It's the perfect spot and when we bought our home that is what we have always had planned for that room. But I also have plans to have a co-sleeper in our room for the first little bit because I know that even the next room is going to be too far away from me for that first-time mom nervous time.
  7. for sure! LOL!
    You'll be up all night watching the baby breathe, I kid you not! I did!
    And if you can't see the baby breathing, you'll poke it!:lol:
  8. ^^You mean you did that too? LOL!
  9. I was certifiable!:lol:
  10. Thanks for your input ladies. :biggrin:
  11. as im a light sleeper, i put both our dd's in their own room from day one!!! i could hear them without a monitor from metres away....and the first night they slept through without a feed was a scary one. my dh was away and i awoke to leaking breasts/wet sheets and couldn't remember if i had fed her or not, i was that delirious. ran into her room and she was sound asleep. i tell you, i slept with my eyes open the following six days until i knew she didn't need a nightime feed and then i was joyous!!!
  12. ^I remember those days as well! LOL!
  13. Swanky- what's a Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper? Is that a product?
  14. We co-slept until my daughter was 4? months old. Once she learned how to roll over she turned into a bed hog so we moved her crib into our room. She slept in our room until maybe 9 months. My husband's snoring was waking her up so we moved her into her own room.
  15. It's a basinett that attaches to your bed under the mattress. It allows mom to sleep beside their infant without actually having the baby right in your bed. You dont have to worry about rolling over on your baby. They are pretty expensive but worth it.