Newbie's starter collection pics

  1. Hello fellow tpfers!

    I just joined this wonderful forum and would like to share the beginning of my beautiful addiction lol. Before TPF I only had one pair of Chanel sunnies and over the course of two months I've accumulated:

    Paris Biarritz medium hobo (my toss around purse)
    Jumbo flap in lambskin
    Flap with long chain (sorry don't know the exact name)

    Sunnies 6023
    Sunnies 5080B (my first Chanel purchase)
    Sunnies 4144


  2. nice collection. A pair of sunnies to go with each bag. :tup:I need to get a pairr too.
  3. Welcome to tPF:smile: Nice Collection! Congrats!
  4. Great collection :tup:, I can see you like black! ;)
  5. LOL...I do love black. Especially quilted black leather :yes:
  6. Great collection....all very classic and elegant choices. :smile:
  7. how pretty - ive always wanted a chanel bag, just cant affort one
  8. Lovely Chanel collection, I see you like black...
  9. great collection :smile:
  10. lovely collection!
  11. Amazing family! They look wonderful and in such great condition too. Welcome.
  12. that is a beautiful new collection. You have a bag for every occassion already, congratulations :biggrin:
  13. Wow, you've been busy! And great choices too! Nice new stuff.
  14. Oh beautiful collection!Congrats and welcome to the club hehe!:tup:
  15. it's a great all-black start!! welcome to the club :biggrin: