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  1. I've been wanting to purchase a Dior handbag for a while. But before I make the purchase, I have a few questions that I need your help. Since I don't have Dior store in my state, so

    1) Does Dior do phone call purchase?

    2) If I buy it on the phone, do I still get the beautiful packaging as if I bought it in person from a store?

    3) How is Dior return policy if I don't like what I get.

    4) Is it better to purchase through department store or boutique in terms of selection/stocks?

    I also want to know that how the small diorama is going to look on a 5'1" body-frame.

    Thank you for your time reading this. I'd really appreciate if any of you could give me some feedback :smile:
  2. 1) Yes some boutiques do, but it may be better to contact Dior customer service for them to track a particular bag down for you.

    2) Yes you should, except I would just remind customer service on the phone that you want it beautifully gift-wrapped with box, bow, an bag.

    3) That depends on if you buy it through a concession or boutique sometimes. It's best to see what customer service has to say about that. You would probably have to pay the return shipping cost out of pocket if you choose to mail your return.

    4) It depends on what bag style you are looking for. If you are looking for a popular style like the black lambskin Lady Dior or the Miss Dior Promenade pouch, then most boutiques have that in stock. Be sure to specify that you do not want a floor (display) model. Otherwise you may get a piece with a bit of wear and tear from customer handling. This is something that can happen with a phone purchase from any brand.

    5) There are some Diorama review videos on Youtube that include some modelling. Definitely check those out.
  3. Thank you averagejoe! Maybe it's better to work with SA?
  4. 1. I recently purchased my First Lady Dior ( February) over the phone. I wanted classic black lamb skin with gold hardware. I purchased through a boutique with a SA I had been in contact with. I randomly chose her, as there are no Dior boutiques anywhere near where I live in the United States. I called several boutiques in different parts of the Country, and I chose the one I felt I'd have the best rapport with. She's fabulous! I've since bought a second Dior from her, a large Promenade in gold metallic and I love it. My next Dior will be a Diorama and she's updating me with pics of combinations soon to be released. With text, pics via phone and phone conversations, I get fabulous service. I didn't request any special packaging, and I received the royal treatment both times! The Swan Dustbag is so beautiful. The packaging is a work of art .
  5. Up to you. If you are looking for a very difficult-to-find model, then maybe try customer service.
  6. How wonderful! Sounds like an awesome experience! My first Dior bag would be diorama but just can't decide on the color... Once I make up my mind, would you mind sharing your SA info? Thank you for taking your time. :smile:
  7. I'm looking for the classic grained calfskin, but I can't decide on the color. As a guy, I like to wear black bag. However, the black with pink interior makes me worried that it might get dirty easily and I'm thinking of the red one which also makes me think of color-transfer. :-/
  8. I suggest the black. The interior can get dirty but at least it will be in the interior so the dirt may not be visible to others. The red, on the other hand, can get colour transfer from denim and other colourfast fabrics so it can show dirt on the outside.

    Besides, I think black would be perfect for guys. That being said, most of my bags are black because it's my favourite colour. It's also super easy to maintain.
  9. What do you think of the blue? I like the blue on the official website but from what I have seen others' reveals, the shade of blue isn't like the blue I thought would be. It's just not like the electric blue which I like a lot. Thank you averagejoe! I really appreciate all of your answers and responses. :smile:
  10. I still think black is the better option, but if you were to choose between the blue and red only, then the blue wins. I think that the lack of "electricity" in the blue keeps it more neutral, and I think that neutral colour bags always make better bags for guys. While men's bags typically have a more neutral (and "boring") colour palette, choosing the Diorama in a traditionally "men's" colour can really show off how masculine the bag can be.
  11. Haha... Black is really a go to for guys but also can be a boring color. I will take your words into consideration after all. Thanks again! 😊
  12. Have you also considered the Diorever? I don't know if you like that design, but I was blown away by hoching_yiu's Diorever:

    It is a perfect unisex bag in my opinion, and it is fully leather-lined, too.
  13. I do really like the design and almost convinced myself to get it in mini size. However, I already have a black Celine nano and thought they looked that now I'm hesitant to get it. :-/
  14. I guess when the top is open, there is a slight resemblance. But when the top is closed, the Diorever has an identity of its own.
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