Newbie's question. Please recommend

  1. Hi, I am new here. I am wondering if someone could recommend me a handbag.

    I am in my 30s. Because I haven't really cared that much about handbags before, I am thinking I'd start with one that's not that expensive... My budget may be within a few hundred? Depending on how much I like the bag I guess. It will help if I can look at some pictures of bags, and get an idea about what kinds of bags are more 'classic'.

    Thank you very much and any input will be appreciated. :heart:
  2. Welcome to the forum! I'm a bit of a newbie here myself.
    Before I start shooting out suggestions, I would like to know...

    What would you be using the bag for? Everyday stuff like errands, or do you want a work bag, or an evening bag, or something versatile that can perform several functions?

    Also, would you prefer a large bag, or a small bag, or something in the middle?

    And do you have a color preference? Below, I list mostly black bags, just because that's my personal preference - it does go with everything after all!

    Coach is definitely a good brand to go to for a "first big brand buy." They are very good quality but in the low to mid priced range.
    The Coach Carly is a beautiful and very classic bag that someone on this forum recommended to me a few days ago. It costs $498 and comes in several colors.

    Another brand I really love, which has less of a longstanding reputation but makes great bags for relatively cheap prices, is Tano. They are slightly trendy but still something you could carry a few years from now without embarassment. Most of their bags are under $300.

    I also like Ani bags. Their Nadia bag is a great everyday purse.

    I like a lot of the bags on I've never bought anything from there but it's gotten some good press on this forum. They carry several brands and their bags have really good quality leather and classic shapes.
    I really like this's $356 and the leather looks beautiful. What a nice shape!

    Also, have you looked at Kate Spade? That was my first "designer" bag...I was thrilled to find the black nylon messenger bag I had begged for for months under the tree on Christmas Eve in 9th grade. Six or so years later...I still have it! Their whole nylon range is very nice - its been around forever but the bags are just so classic. The bags are all under $200. The nylon is so durable and nice-looking even after ages of use - and it's easy to clean!
    If you like the shapes but want to spend a bit more, you could try her leather bags.
    This Foster's Crossing bag is quite nice... it's $495.

    I also like the Wellesley line which is extremely classic and sophisticated.

    Those are just a few ideas to get you going...definitely browse the forum, I've found lots of great ideas that way!
  3. go to eBay, look up speedy. watch some in good condition used. that is the definition of classic and style. You know, he made Audrey Hepburn her own size bag, back in the day.
  4. Hi jenny, welcome. As stylefaxee has pointed out, it would help if you could be a little more specific :smile: However, for starters, what do you think of this Francesco Biasia costing $305-06?

    Off Zappos:

    Francesco Biasia Object of Desire - Flap Pocket - Free Shipping & Return Shipping


    Love the look of this one - it has a long shoulder strap as well as short double handles:

    off ebags:
    Francesco Biasia Wild Lady Large Double Handle > Leather Handbags > Handbags - eBags



  5. Welcome to the Forum!

    How about Juicy Couture's collection? They are cute, but not classic looks thou... although Sophie leather tote or Ruby Tuesday, I think, are ok w/ the age (I'm in the late 30s myself and love Juicy design:smile:). Dior Saddle pouch is gorgeous too. And, if you don't mind w/ secondhand bags, you can check let-trade for LV.
    Dior Logo Saddle Pouch.jpg Juicy Ruby Tuesday with Key Charm.jpg Juicy Sophie Leather Tote.jpg
  6. how about lv monogram speedy. classic, luxurious, and will lasts very very long... affordable price too :p
  7. i like that tan francesco biasia that passerby put up. The last one.
  8. I have a LV mono speedy 25 - it's classic and practical and yes, I will have it forever. I would highly recommend this bag - it will NEVER go out of style and you can use it everyday - dressy or casual. Good luck!
  9. welcome!

    i think the recommendation depends on your style, and what you're looking for - something trendy or classy? if you're more classy, the coach or francesco biasia bags mentioned here are perfect. (i'm more classy so that's what i know, but i'm branching out) i have an FB bag that i adore, the glamour girl top flap - it's trendy yet classy, and the leather is incredibly soft.


    the carly coach bag just changed my perception of coach, for what it's worth!

    i'm not into logo'd bags like LV, but they're great bags if you like them.
  10. ITA:yes:
  11. Thanks everyone!!! I am touched that I got so much help! Now I have to take care of my son, so I will study your inputs SERIOUSLY tonight (promise). Just pop in and thank everyone.

    About what I want. I think for a starter, I am thinking about more of a black 'everthing' bag so I have one to go with on more occations. I am not working now. Also for a starter, I want it a bit classy (before I hop on the trendy ones).

    Thank you again!
  12. Look at for ideas. Their bags are very good quality and affordable. If you're looking for something with a logo on it, they won't appeal to you, but they have a nice variety and nothing is too outlandish. Most bags are under $400.
  13. Thanks everyone again! I love all the bags you suggested. Looking at them is like taking handbag 101.

    Fashionfaxee: thank you especially for the long message. It is very helpful and gave me a different lines with price range. I think I am going to check out coach in the weekend.

    I ran into a Francesco Biasia similar to this one, but plain leather (not suede), but 'with snap top closure and draw string sides'. It was for a little over 100 in a TJmaxx. I didn't take it because I don't know if it is 'out'.


    I am checking out speedy on eBay, but I dont' know how to check whether they are authentic or not. I don't have a good eye on these.

    Anyway, just want to thank everyone again!!!!!
  14. You can check the authenticity of a LV speedy in the Authenticate This thread in the LV shopping forum. Theres tons of very knowledgeable people who would love to help you there!

    Also, if your looking for something thats very affordable yet nicely made, I would check out Banana Republic's new line of bags. There're very reasonably priced and gorgeous too!

    That said, my vote is still for the speedy :yes: :yes: