Newbie's Monaco in Canard

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this subforum. Been scoping the BV web site for some time and finally visited my local BV store to have a real look. Well, I walked out with the bag that first caught my eye on the web site. I did not know that the Monaco came in the color I got. I'm thrilled that I found this bag, my first BV.

    Here she is---my Monaco in Canard. Love, love this color!

    I also got the matching lanyard to help me see which side is front and which is back.

    I foresee more BV bags in my future. [emoji6]

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  2. My most favourite green / blue I have seen in a bag !
    I also have the lanyard in this colour.
    Congrats ☺
  3. This is one of my favourite colours too, not on everything but the Monaco looks magnificent in it, congratulations :ps:
  4. Beautiful bag!! I have never looked at this one in the store but think I need to. [emoji4]. Enjoy your beauty.
  5. Oh my, how lovely is this. Great color, and a great new bag. Wear this in good health and happiness!

    And WELCOME to the BVette Club! :heart:
  6. I have a pillow bag in canard and love it. And the lanyards are so practical.....
  7. The Monaco bag is one of only two new styles from BV that I love. It took a little while for it to grow on me, but I've been firmly on Team Monaco for the past few months.
    Is yours the smaller size? The Canard is a fabulous colour and works for all seasons, IMO.
    Enjoy, please post it in the reference library and post up some mod shots too, please :smile:
  8. It's a really sharp looking bag. You may have the perfect combination for the style and color!
  9. Ooo that color!

    The style is beautiful; very practical but edgy!

  10. Thank you, ladies!

  11. My bag is the smaller size. I will try to post a mod shot soon.
  12. Does anyone else have the Monaco? I couldn't find any pics on any of the threads.

    I wear both shoulder and handheld bags, but my first love is the handheld satchel. Hence, the Monaco was my first BV purchase.

    I love the straps going down the sides, and the leather is so soft. My nine year old son said this is the prettiest bag I own. That says something about BV because I own other premier designer handbags. [emoji6]
  13. What a beautiful bag! Enjoy.
  14. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! And a son with fantastic taste!!
  15. Very pretty and stylish! Welcome to BV!
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