Newbie's missed opportunity? Boston boutique

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a while and getting an education from all of you, so TIA:smile: It's become clear from reading your posts that relationships with SAs are crucial if one wants to buy a Birkin or Kelly from a boutique. (I don't have any H bags, but have a couple of bracelets and accessories). A couple of months ago, I bought a Globe Trotter agenda and a bracelet at the Boston boutique (first time there, other purchases were elsewhere), and had a very pleasant, patient SA, but stupidly did not get (or did, and forgot:confused1:) her name. I would like to cultivate this relationship (and have her get future commissions), but would prefer not to have to spend a lot on "preliminary" small purchases, in hopes of eventually being able to buy a Birkin. I guess I'm wondering about others' experiences at the Boston store: is it possible to build that kind of relationship simply by visiting the boutique, asking questions, and showing admiration (don't know if I'd be able to resist buying, especially b/c I'm fairly sure I *need* an Evelyne to fill a hole in my collection), or do I need to keep buying to get "on their radar"?

    Sorry so long, and TIA for any help!
  2. good luck-that is the WORST boutique in the US! Seriously............I personally think you would be better off cultivating a relationship by phone with KOP or them for a scarf, a bracelet, a twilly etc.........they will call you.
  3. thanks for your quick reply, Hermesaholic :smile:
    ugh, really?! I'm surprised. I used to live ten minutes from KoP, and bought several things there - usually found them to be completely indifferent, and occasionally outright b*tchy, though the latter was many years ago, when I was admittedly a bit scruffier:shame:.
  4. boston is my local store and i honestly find their SA's to be more pleasant than ones that I have seen in other stores. as for cultivating a relationship, i got a call about my first birkin the same night that i went in the store for the first time and bought a bracelet and a scarf (VERY good stroke of luck!).

    after that, i have been purchasing small things here and there, always with the same SA, with whom i have a great relationship. she calls me a lot when things come in that she thinks would interest me, and i make a point of going in to visit at least once in awhile even when i'm busy. she actually just took my order for podium this past july, so i should be getting my second birkin next year sometime hoepfully.

    i think it helps to show a lot of interest in their products, ask questions, stop in every so often. the store is on the smaller side compared with the huge ones so they may not get quite as much inventory as other stores, so it may be harder to be able to place special orders and such. hope that helped!
  5. Thanks, MsBean! I did a search on the Boston store and saw your earlier posts, which gave me hope:smile: Like I said, the SA who helped me last time was very nice and patient with me (no small feat, as I took forever to decide on style/color of the agenda). The thing is, I think I'd recognize her if I went in, but not positive...think there's any chance that she'd spot *me*?
  6. You can always call and ask, it may be in the computer, as it is on the receipt as well. Just the number, unfortunately, but I imagine that the information can be had.

    good luck, the evelyne is a great bag!
  7. everyone's experiences are different but i was so patient............purchased clothing,scarves, a plume, a kelly.......................never once called me about anything i wanted (over 5 years!) i have since moved. The SA'a were actually nice its the manager thats a nightmare
  8. Thanks, Cobalt - I do have the receipt with the SA's number on it, but feel bad calling and asking for a person by number if I can avoid it:smile:

    Hermesaholic, that does suck. Would you mind telling/pming me what the mgr looks like so I can steer clear? TIA

  9. I've heard that it is up to the manager of the store as to which customers are allowed to order or reserve bags.
  10. The Boston store is also my local store and I love it. They may not have the best location, but I think all their SAs are pleasant and cordial. I don't think you have to buy a lot to get noticed. My SA offered to SO a birkin for me after my first purchase. I have since purchased 3 or 4 bags from her. I recently returned a bag (a Birkin mind you) because it was not the right color for me and took a store credit. My SA and the manager, John, were more than accomodating and my SA flat out told me that I don't need hurry to buy anything with the credit (to make up for the commission that I cost her).
  11. Lara - If you want to PM me with the SA's description, I might me able to tell you her/his name. If not, I would be happy to introduce you to my SA.
  12. thanks, skygirl - I just PMed you :smile:
  13. Traditionally, the Bahstan H had a rep for being a little cold but that might have changed in recent years
  14. That's what I heard also.
  15. so much pressure:push:!!!