Newbie's collection :-D

  1. I am very excited to build up on what I have but had to share so far!

    My current fave cream and orange BCBG
    First D&B (c. early 90s) which got me all into this
    Two lil' Juicy Coutures...
    Souvenirs from my trip to Venice summer 2001 (ready to go back!)...Mandarina Duck and a teensy cute Moschino..
    Olive Miu Miu with pony hair trim on the cell phone case
    Nylon Prada collection plus one black patent shopper
    Stuart Weitzman w/ grommets.

    OK, I am seriously ready to upgrade and you guys are SO inspiring!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    bcbg (2).jpg dooney & bourke (2).jpg
  2. I like the older style dooney! are you going to post the rest?
  3. I LOVE the bag on the left!!! SO CUTE!!!:love:
  4. totally agree!!!
  5. i love that bcbg! thanks for sharing!
  6. Wow, thanks gals!! The orange BCBG was $300 marked down to $80 - you know I love a bargain!

    Yep, more coming soon, stay tuned.
  7. What a steal! I love that BCBG bag.
  8. OK, hope this's the rest:

    Juicy Couture
    Mandarina Duck
    Miu Miu
    Stuart Weitzman
    Felix Rey

    OH...and first Isabella Fiore on the way this week! :biggrin:
    juicy couture.jpg mandarina duck & moschino_2001.jpg miu miu.jpg prada.jpg stuart weitzman.jpg Felix Rey.jpg
  9. Very nice collection ... especially the BCBG one, the price was great on that one!! I love a great bargain too!!
  10. You have a great collection! I really like your BCBG purse.
  11. Very nice.
  12. lol Like everyone else I really like that orange and cream BCBG bag! The handle is so cute! Love the Prada on the very right bottom too & that style Dooney :heart:
  13. wow, i like the last bag!!! it would be a great "beach-bag" :smile:
  14. Cute collection!!
  15. pretty bags, so unique!
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