Newbie's 1st BE! LMM in Purple! *PICS*

Sep 5, 2007
What a combo those two bags are! You are so set for spring and summer with those colors! Beautiful!

Welcome to the board!
LOL thanks! That's the whole idea! I love brightly coloured bags!

Thanks piffle! So are yours! :drool: I'm wearing my purple LMM today. Can't wait to break her in. I think we both like BE & RM because both of the designers are so down to earth!

How does the fuschia bag feel? Is it soft? It looks like it's buttery! I was eyeing that bag before but don't know if I can pull off a metallic that's large.
Yay me too! She's a little stiff now so i hope i can soften her up soon! I definately agree with you about BE & RM! They are both so nice but i love how Jackie personally interacts with her customers.
As for my city tote it's really smooshy! I dun find it metallic looking but would say it's more of a pearly shine! :yes:

Thanks everyone for your kind welcome!:flowers:
Mar 17, 2007
Hope your loving your LMM! I've worn mine the past 2 days. It's getting really soft! I keep petting it lol It's so delicate. Today I noticed a put a scuff on the bottom. I'll have to be more careful!
Sep 5, 2007
Thanks again ladies!

And painted, thanks for sharing!:flowers: I will definately be more careful when i bring her out! Sadly i have not done so and she is still stiff now. Will try to bring her out over the weekend! Glad to know that she soften within 2 days!


Sep 25, 2007
You should also pre-treat the leather with a protective leather spray/cream....esp on the bottom corners. This will help with wear and any rubbing that may occur.

Just a suggestion!!!!

Btw.....I LOVE the purple/silver combo!


shallowly obsessing
Sep 30, 2007
congrats! love that f+c, too. i almost bought it a few nights ago!


Plaisir D' Amour
Jul 30, 2007
WOW--so so pretty---I have been lurking too :sneaky:
I finally have my first BE on the way too! From a PFer and it's the black crash LMM--I cannot WAIT! and I will def treat it when it comes--thanks for the tip Contessa :yes:

Hi everyone! Ok i usually hang out at the RM forum but have been lurking around here for awhile.. Last wk i finally caved in and ordered my first BE! I simply could not resist after seeing everyone's gorgeous bags!
My Purple LMM finally came in the mail today and all i can say is Jackie's got a new fan!! This seriously the BEST purple i have seen on a bag! :love:

I also took pics of it together with my Foley + Corinna Mini City Tote in Fuchsia that came today too! Love pink and purple together! :party: