1. I started my 2007 out with my first Coach purchase. DH gave me a little coupon he made for Christmas with a pic of a new Coach purse on it and he put it in a big box with all this stuff that fell out when i opened it so today we finally headed up to the Coach store and made the purchase. I tried on several and finally went with this one
    which I didn't care for on the website, but fell in love with it in the store. Everyone at the store was so nice and helpful, but I need to find an outlet that I hear everyone talking about if I am going to continue this new addiction! Dh was asking about a matching wallet for my upcoming b-day. Even my two year old fell in love with a purse just her size, but we said she had to wait!
    My dh is going to crack up when I tell him about my new forum!
    I look forward to hearing all the Coach 411 from all of you!
  2. congrats and welcome (:
  3. Very nice, I like that one.
  4. Congrats & welcome!! That was a gorgeous choice for your first Coach!:yes:
  5. The carryall is one of my favorites! What color did you get? Congrats and welcome!
  6. Congratulations! I love that bag! Welcome to tPF!
  7. Congratulations.
  8. YAY for Hubby!!! And which color did you get?

    Welcome to the Forum:party: Everyone here is SO incredibly nice!
  9. Welcome to TPF! Lovely bag.
  10. Congrats and welcome! I love your carryall! Your husband may be shocked by how much time you start spending here - the site is addicting and everyone is so sweet!

    Enjoy your bag and welcome again!
  11. Thanks everyone. I got the color that is shown on the website - the light brown (not sure of all the Coach terms yet!)
  12. 1. Welcome to tPF
    2. LOVE that bag
    3. We WILL encourage you to buy more coach and feed your coach addiction!
  13. Welcome and Great Choice!!

  14. Congrats and welcome!!!