****** newbie

  1. I just got to know this site. Gosh! I could have saved more if I knew it earlier:crybaby:

    How many of you gals are actually buying through this site? Does it really keep its promise to send you a "big fat check"? It has a 4% cash back. I also know another site Cookies are Required which only offers 2% cash back. Is ****** the best of its kind?
  2. I shop for most everything online so I can get rebates! I love ******, Fatwallet.com and Lucky Rewards. All are legitamate, send check (or card) on time and hassle free, and first 2 are free to join. I don't know that site you mention and will stick to these 3 and whoever has the highest % for what I want to buy.

    To get Lucky Rewards you have to subscribe to the magazine but I do anyway. They send Mastercard giftcards for your rebate. You can get a cheap sub to Lucky on ebay. LR offers a HUGE % on Zappos- 14% I think. I shop for almost all our shoes at Zappo's and I've gotten a lot off Marc by Marc Jacobs bags with LR.
  3. I use Upromise.com and have been for about 3 1/2 years. It has a really good selection of merchants and you can link through it to get your rebate and still use a coupon code. It also has a very good dining and travel section. I've saved $4000 just by shopping online and I've had it all swept into a 529 account for my son's college. They take care of all of that for me. But, if you want to $$ sent to your savings account, you can do that too.

    :flowers: Tina
  4. i'm also an ****** newbie... i wish i knew about it earier as well
  5. I love ******! There are so many stores available. I have been using them for a long time and the savings is great! You really do get a check in the mail. They have promotions every Tuesday for double cash back at a particular store. I order from drugstore.com every week because with a baby, it makes life so much easier. I used drugstore.com before he was born, just not weekly. They also give you 5% back in your account, which can then be used quarterly for purchases. So, with the 6% back from ******, it is such a great deal and nothing to schlepp home!
  6. Thank you all for sharing your experience!:flowers: I'm gonna check the other two sites kitskats mentioned. It is a good idea to compare the cash back % and pick the one offers the highest rate for the specific thing we want to buy.
  7. I just signed up for ******.com and used it to order my LV BH. I should of done it on Tuesday, but no I waited until Thursday and instead of getting 10% back, I will be getting the normal 4%. I am not sure how fast they post the rebates, but I read where they mail out a check of your rebates every 3 months or you have have it donated to a charity of your choice or even your Paypal account....so far so good, too back I didn't know about this BEFORE!!!!