1. I couldn't find an introduction area so I decided to just put it here (please move it if I put it in the wrong place!)

    My name is Amanda! I am from Central Texas and I got my first Coach item last year. I am physically disabled and on one of my chat lists they mentioned how wonderful the Coach Wristlets were ... so I went on eBay and bought one! I am not sure if it is authentic, since I didn't know the knock offs were so well made, but I love it just the same. When I was at the outlets at the beginning of Dec I saw big SALE signs in Coach, so I went in! I found a beautiful Bordeuax wristlet and my mom bought it for me for my college graduation gift! It was retailed for $119 and I got it for $38+tax! I LOVE it and it suits all my needs! I just bought a mini to match it today on eBay!

    I am excited to be around others who enjoy the finer things in life! I hope to get to know you all as I look around and learn!
  2. Welcome, Amanda!!!! You will LOVE it here, on the Coach sub-forum!!! Everyone is so nice here and on the rest of the Purse Forum! Congrats on your new wristlet and mini!!!
  3. Welcome! I'm pretty new to Coach myself (and also on a tight budget, so I understand where you're coming from on that end). In any case, nice to see another newbie around here! :biggrin:
  4. :tpfrox:

  5. welcome!!!!!!!!! Be prepared........this forum is addicting!!! hahahaahaa
  6. WELCOME!!!! You are going to LOVE it here!!!!!!
  7. Welcome to TPF, Amanda!!! You'll have tons of fun looking at the pics and all the Coach news here.
  8. Welcome Amanda!
  9. Thanks for the warm welcome!! I am enjoying all the pics already! Though it is making me very jealous!!! I'm seeing all sorts of things I have to get, and some I wish I could get!! I love the big purses, but I cant carry them!!! I'll have to just enjoy looking at them I guess! lol - Right now I am on the lookout for a cute picture frame Keyfob!
  10. Welcome Amanda, it's fun place to be. I'm glad you decided to join in the fun!:flowers:
  11. Welcome Amanda! I am so happy you found us and Coach!
  12. What I love about coach is how some of their wristlets are the minis of the big bags! So if you see something you like, try and see if there is a wristlet, not only will you get the style but it'll function greatly for you too.
  13. Renie - I have noticed that and Im happy!! I really like the Scribble purses and the Holiday Patchwork one!! I may invest in those as wristlets eventually!
  14. Welcome Abersweetie!

    My first Coach item was a wristlet too! They are wonderful!
  15. Welcome!!! :flowers: Sounds like you have some beautiful pieces already!!! :tup:
    Hope to see you around more!!! :yes: