1. sorry if this is in the wrong thread or something.

    what are the exact names of these bags? and where can i get them?

    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]

    [​IMG][FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
  2. Welcome j0vena. I love the bags you've picked out, very nice in black and white. The black one is either a Ramona or Riki and the white one is a Mahala. You can get them at, or Jimmy CHoo online has the best selection. With all the ladies help here, I just ordered a plum Mahala. Hope this helps!

    Black Riki

    White/Black Ramona

    Champagen Mahala

  3. thanks, i couldnt find them at the neimen marcus and Barney's websites, i'll check out the stores.
  4. Welcome to the Choo board!! :choochoo:

    The mahala/maddy might not be the champagne, but a white one thats from a previous season. :sad:
  5. The white Mahala is from last season but I saw it on the sale table at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last week. I don't know if it's still there but worth a call if you're interested. I think it was 30% off.
  6. hi j0vena and welcome! :welcome:good luck on your search for a jimmy choo bag.:tup: make sure to post pics once you decide and receive it.;)
  7. Welcome j0vena! :nuts: You don't list your location, so other than, there may be lots of other options. Please check out our new reference library, we are in the process of building it, but there are over 100 entries so far (YAY girls go!). There are also some modeling pics, too!

    The first bag you show is either the Ramona, or it's smaller sister Riki. A few of our Choo forum members have them in black or blue. I believe it is called the "wet look," or patent Ramona (or Riki). It is an older release, not sure of the exact season, but 6 months is old in the bag business. I wouldn't let that have any bearing on the desirability. I plan to wear my Choos when I'm 75 years old, LOL.

    The second white bag is either the Mahala or it's smaller sister the Maddy. It looks more like the Mahala to me, but it is hard to judge the proportions in a stock photo. I'm pretty sure the whlte was from S/S 07.

    One other thing I want to mention is BEWARE of bags on eBay. At least 95% of the Choos there are fakes. :cursing: You will never find a true authentic Choo for a couple hundred bucks. There is an authentication thread in our forum, so make sure to post any eBay bags there BEFORE BIDDING.:yes: Most of us have been burned there, it is not pleasant.

    Most of all have fun. This is a great forum and we all share our obsession and information, wholeheartedly! :drool::choochoo::drool:
  8. Welcome j0vena! :flowers: Jburgh has just provided you the survival tips! Goodluck! ;)
  9. Welcome j0vena:welcome:

    The ladies are right, you have come to the right place to fulfill your Jimmy Choo Fetish and once you buy one...... You're history:graucho:

    You will never be happy with just one :sad: and before you know it, the little Jimmy Choo bags somehow magically multiply in the closet:confused1:

    The Black Patent Ramona is a Beauty and I am currently carrying her now. She is my everyday bag for the most part. It was released for Fall Winter 2006, so finding an authentic Ramona or Riki will be very tough, but if you do find one, PLEASE follow everyone Else's advice and have it authenticated before you buy and definitely check out the thread to get familiar with the patent Riki/Ramona's.

    So glad you joined us:party: in the "Land of Choo" :choochoo: :choochoo:
  10. i live in des plaines, illinois. about 45 minutes from chicago.
  11. you are a very lucky girl then! :yes:you can go to visit the chicago jimmy choo and meet casey.....she is a fab person and such a knowledgeable and helpful SA who will answer all your jimmy choo questions....robyn or someone else can chime in with her ph #....i don't have it handy.:shame:
    you can also email her too at and put attention : casey.:tup:
  12. j0vena - You certainly are one lucky girl! I was born and raised in Chicago, but left years ago.

    You could hop on the UP-NW Metra train at the DesPlaines station (Miner/Lee) and get downtown in no time. The Choo boutique is at:
    63 East Oak Street
    Chicago, IL 60611
    (312) 255-1170

    You can find Choos at Neimans, and SAKs, too. Everyone is having sales!