Newbie would love your advice!


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Mar 16, 2010
Olympia, WA
I bought my first MJ - a Carla Tote in black - just 2 weeks ago and am so glad to have had your advice so far! I ordered a kit from Lovin' my Bags so she'll stay pristine, and now need some help choosing bag #2.

I need a small something to carry in my Carla for cash, cards, cosmetics. I've been looking online at the single and the zip clutch, which are both lovely and seem as though they would do what I need. I'd love your advice on versatility, ease of organization, and what leathers you recommend, since I travel on business and will often carry the small bag inside the tote. And it can't be too small, since I've never mastered the art of packing light!

I'm grateful for your suggestions, and can't wait to shop for the little sister. These bags are so amazing!!! (Could get dangerous in a hurry!)


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Oct 16, 2009
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You need to post some pics of your Carla!

Hmm, I think the (regular) single is a good option as you can put some cards into the slots, and maybe fit in a compact and your phone into it. The ZC is good cos it has heaps of space for cards and cash. I can fit my iPhone into mine, but probably not any cosmetics unless it's a tiny lipgloss or something! But the ZC is more of a wallet, not really a bag.

I have managed to fit the large single into a bigger bag before, and that will allow you to carry a lot more yet also have a smaller bag than your Carla to take out. However you would still need to have some sort of wallet/pouch for your cards as there is no card slots in the large single - there is a zip compartment but you probably don't want stuff loose in your bag.


Sep 2, 2006
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congrats on the carla! i hope you will post pics of it! :yes:

i think the small single is a great idea, or you could do something like a palais clutch or the paradise flat case :graucho: - that gets my vote!

as far as something for cards/cash, you could get a key pouch! these are so pretty and on bluefly:


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May 8, 2008
I don't think the Single would be a very good choice since it would be like carrying two bags every day. :P I like tad's idea of some kind of flat case for cosmetics and such, and you can get a Zip Clutch or Large Zip Wallet for all of your money, cards, etc.


I like Dawn's suggestion of the flat case and the palais handy clutch.... the flat case is just so cool with the little studs, and the palais handy has the useful strap. It'll be much easier to carry than a single inside the Carla.


Sep 23, 2007
do you like Marc by Marc Jacobs as well? they have wonderfull soft nylon pouches and cosmetic cases